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31 Aug

Drones for Wedding Photography

Weddings are usually the most important and memorable days for the couple getting married. It’s natural that wedding photography is one of the most important components for this special day, as people involved want to have special footage to help capture these cherished moments. Drones are becoming an integral part of wedding photography and the results have been great. Let’s dig deeper. Benefits Drones are now providing weddings with shots that once were harder to get or impossible. Before drones, the highest aerial shot you could get would be dependent on however brave your photographer would be in climbing up a ladder or whatever else was around. Say good bye to those days, because drones now allow you to capture amazing 360 shots from...
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27 Jul

DJI Launches a Much-Needed Update to Its Geo-Fencing Drone Tech

Drone pilots need to be careful of when, where and how they fly their drones, thanks to government regulations from the FAA mandating appropriate and legal drone usage. This especially rings true for novice drone pilots and owners who may not be familiar with the regulations imposed upon them and their UAVs. One of the main driving reasons for government regulation on drone flight is the risk and danger drones can pose when flying too close to what the FAA has designated “no fly zones.” These include everything from airports, prisons, nuclear power plants and the vaguely defined “national security events.” Leading drone manufacturer DJI is looking to make it easier for drone pilots to ensure their drones don’t stick...
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1 Apr

Drones Color the Sky with Smoke Grenades in Mesmerizing Short Film Chromaticity

Looks like drones can add yet another skill to their expansive resume: making rainbows. Director Paul Trillo has crafted a mesmerizing short film, Chromaticity, that essentially turns the sky into a bleeding canvas of glorious Technicolor and wonder, all thanks to drones and smoke grenades. Utilizing four drones, including DJI Phantom and DJI Inspire drones, Trillo and his team, aided by Aerobo, a company that designs and operates drones for various applications, including filmmaking purposes, took to the sky above the Jersey Shore and made it their canvass, saturating it with colored smoke grenades. Attached to the drones, the smoke grenades unleashed bursts of colors in the sky over the ocean. The drones, which were programmed to pull off various feats...
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