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8 May

How To Shoot and Edit Pro Interior Design Shots With Lightroom

Whether you're shooting for a restaurant, hotel or someone's personal home, interior design photography can be a great way for photographers to make money and become better known within the photo and business communities. Interior design photography might seem simple - there are generally no moving elements and you're free to manipulate the space as you wish. But there are a few common mistakes beginners make, and easy ways to avoid them. It's a common misconception that large, interior spaces need as wide of a lens as possible. Although a wide lens is helpful, it's not necessary and can sometimes be a detriment to the image. Most lenses that are wider than 24mm on most camera bodies will create a distorted, fish-eye effect. This...
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14 Oct

This Brand Turns Your Heartbeat Into Jewelry

Who knew something so beautiful could be created with just your heartbeat? DDB Group Hong Kong just launched a new jewelry line that they say is a "personalized gift that is literally from the heart." Appropriately named, "Crafted by My Heart," the agency transforms the rhythm of your heartbeat into a ring. Teaming up with Tribal Worldwide Singapore, the ring is created with an iOS app that records your pulse. From there it takes that data to create a pattern for a ring, in either gold, silver, or black silver. There are two base designs by jewelry designer Nomera Ajmal, but according to the agency, each ring "is assigned a different algorithm to ensure that no two pieces are alike."   Want to try more...
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12 Oct

Create a Stunning Photomontage Using Basic Geometric Shapes

If you're interested in graphic design, but haven't done much editing outside of Photoshop, this is your opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and into InDesign. Creating a photomontage is a great way to familiarize yourself with some of the most useful tools in InDesign and to get your creative juices flowing. Start by opening up InDesign and going to File>New>Document. You can make the shape, size and orientation whatever you want, but for this tutorial we're going to keep the default presets for Page Size>Letter. Make the orientation a vertical portrait and hit OK. Insert two photos to use for the background by going to File>Place or by using the shortcut Command + D. Two wide landscapes or images...
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11 Nov

Need a Breather? Watch this relaxing sand clock for ultimate zen

Staying connected 24/7 is tiring. Slaving away in front of a screen, whether it's a computer monitor, a smartphone or a television, will get you a one-way ticket to burnout-ville. When taking a vacation isn’t an option, you create your own pockets of escape any way you can. Now there’s a new way to help you calm your nerves when you’re edging out on your fifth cup of coffee. It’s a special clock that goes against everything technology stands for. You can’t connect it to an app. It’s not smart or digital. There aren’t any instant sharing features that let you show it off to your friends on social media. All you have to do is stare at it and your immediate...
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7 Nov

The Tylko Design App – Making Customized Furniture Easy

Is there a room in your home that desperately needs furniture, but its odd shape or quirky dimensions are too challenging to work with? Maybe you have a small living space and need custom furniture to fit your new dwelling. Whatever your design challenge is, the new Tylko design app could be just the ticket in helping you find answers to your tough layout and design questions. As their motto states, “Don’t just imagine it, see it.” The Tylko Furniture and Design Story The Warsaw-based furniture brand Tylko premiered last month at the most renowned design event in Europe: the London Design Festival. The company creates products ranging from shelves and tables to pepper grinders? Think you don't need a pepper grinder? Just...
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19 Oct

Neiman Marcus and Stelle Audio Offer Sleek Bluetooth Speakers for Modern Audiophiles

Neiman Marcus and Stellé Audio are out to reinvent the fashion audio industry. After last year’s releases, the brands are back with fresh versions of their iconic Pillar and Go-Go line. “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Neiman Marcus by offering consumers new products and new colors this holiday. For every occasion and mood there’s a play list, and each playlist is as unique and individual as the people listening to them. Our products complement our consumers’ individual preferences through unique designs, a variety of finishes and distinctive materials,” said Anna Perelman, CEO and Founder of Stellé Audio. The Golden Pillar Looking for a sleek living room accessory? The revamped audio pillar wireless speaker now comes in shiny gold. Under the...
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5 Oct

Fashion Forward Fairings Push Prosthetics into the Future with Style

Typically, the image of a prosthetic is depicted as cold, hard and metallic – a hollow, impersonal structure built for functionality and lacking any semblance of flair. Human prosthetics have come a long way in replicating the maneuvers and abilities of the limbs they replace, but that shouldn’t deter how they look aesthetically. That’s the idea behind Alleles Design Studio, which designs and produces ready to wear, customizable prosthetics that up the panache factor of what one might expect from the nuts and bolts of a medical prosthetic. Canadian artists McCauley Warner and Ryan Palibroda founded the studio after becoming inspired by the startling lack of options available for people who require prosthetics. They developed lavishly decorated and intricately detailed prosthetic...
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21 Jul

Analog meets digital in amazing clock art installation

Despite living in a digital age ruled by smartphones, tablets and bluetooth speakers, we still have a nostalgic fascination with the analog world, especially clocks. Swedish design duo Humans Since 1982’s seamlessly blend the two worlds in an incredible installation called A Million Times. The installation consists of 135 interconnected analog clocks that move together like a dance into an array of patterns, finally syncing together to display the current time represented in digital format. The Clock Clock installation The duo have been playing with the analog-meets-digital clock concept for a while now. Their first project called The Clock Clock first went on display at the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2010, and they’ve since worked on a number...
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9 Jun

A stunning light…that levitates

You’ve never seen a device like this before. The Flyte Light is a levitating, innovative light bulb that will turn heads and capture hearts. Read on to find out how this device can transform any room it’s placed in and why you should order one today. How Does It Work? The Flyte Light makes use of two components to send electricity to the bulb and keep it floating in the air. First, wireless power transfer technology developed by Nikola Tesla is applied to a transmitter and a receiver that are within close proximity from each other. For this device, a safe 5V is used to power the bulb. Touching the pad or the bulb is completely harmless and shouldn’t make your hair stand up. Next,...
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