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4 Sep

Nikon D810 vs. Canon 5D Mark IV

Nikon D810 and Canon 5D Mark IV are the same in the sense that they are both high-end DSLR cameras sitting in the semi-pro class. Other than that, there are plenty other similarities, several significant differences and many small ones. D810 has been released in 2014. while the 5D Mark IV has joined the party two years later, in 2016. In this short comparison, we will see where exactly one cameras trumps another, and whether the recently-released 5D Mark IV can justify its steeper price tag against the older, more affordable D810. Body Both the D810 and 5D Mark IV come in highly durable, weather-resistant bodies with comfortable and deep grips. Both come with magnesium-alloy chassis with high quality plastic and rubber finish where...
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19 Apr

Your First Aerial Photoshoot: How to Make it Awesome

Aerial photography is mesmerizing. Whether it's a traditional aerial landscape like this one, or stunning abstract aerials like the ones in this post, every aerial photograph we've seen makes us want to take to the skies just a little bit more until — some day soon — we bite the financial bullet and just do it. And when we do, we'll follow every single piece of advice 500px photographer Scott McCook outlines in the amazing expert walkthrough he wrote for us below! Scott captured all the aerials included in this article. It's safe to say he knows what he's doing. So if you're planning to go on your first aerial photo shoot anytime soon, read this now and bookmark it for...
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