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18 May

Lumoid Community Shares Favorite Tips & Tricks For Wedding Photography

As a community of photographers here at Lumoid, we’re constantly learning from one another. We want to inspire each other to create and explore and grow, so we reached out to the Lumoid community to gather everyone’s tips and tricks for shooting a wedding. The more than 30 comments we received on Facebook include valuable advice that can only be learned from experience. We’ve compiled some of our favorite feedback here. Get everything in writing. We know it’s tedious, but your contract should be as detailed as possible. It’s best if you can sit down with the bride and groom long before the wedding to talk over specific ideas and expectations. Go over the specific hours you’ll be expected to...
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27 May

Facebook is giving contract workers generous benefits, will others follow suit?

It's tough to be a contract worker. Their hours and income are often unpredictable. They don't get full benefits and they even have to follow a different tax filing scheme than full-time employees—but Facebook wants to change that. Recently, Facebook offered contract workers benefits similar to that of full-time employees. The employees will receive $15 an hour, 15 days of paid leave, and financial support for workers with newborns. However, according to The Verge, contractors working with Facebook have to be based in the United States and have at least 25 employees. This could help put Americans back to work and stop the practice of hiring offshore workers specifically to monitor content. According to Wired, Facebook and several other social media...
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