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29 Sep

4 Ways Drinking Coffee Can Benefit Your Health

For many individuals, the only thing that successfully gets them out of bed in the morning is the promise of that steaming hot, velvety cup of their favorite brew. While sometimes you might bemoan your caffeine addiction (especially when it comes to your wallet), imbibing a mug's worth or two of coffee can actually be quite beneficial to your overall health and wellness in the long run. To celebrate National Coffee Day, here are four ways your daily roast can actually give your body a boost. 1. Cardiovascular Protection While you shouldn't completely eschew a solid cardio workout, coffee can be quite the heart booster. A Japanese study reveals that getting in your daily dose of coffee can be key to heart...
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29 Oct

Keurig Kold Could Be the Biggest Gadget Flop of the Year

Times are a-changing. Soda consumption is dropping at a staggering rate. Making a cup of coffee now only takes 30 seconds with the Keurig. So naturally, in a move to save their industry and continue shoving high fructose corn syrup laced beverages into people’s faceholes, Coke partnered with the king of coffee makers to launch the Keurig Kold. Unfortunately, Keurig’s winning formula didn’t work this time. The Kold is a horrendous, over-priced machine that doesn’t provide any real solutions in the kitchen, or in life. Like the traditional Keurig, the device relies on pellets to produce drinks. But unlike your favorite morning kitchen appliance, it dishes out soft drinks instead of coffee. Here’s what the CEO and President of the company...
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21 Aug

Chindogu: Top 7 Japanese Inventions That Can Help You Master Life

In Japan, there’s a solution for every problem you can think of. Chindogu is a Japanese term that refers to the art of creating gadgets with useful and eccentric elements. Below is a compilation of the smartest, upbeat inventions from the Land of the Rising Sun. Umbrella Tie The umbrella tie adds functionality to your formal attire. With the jacket closed, no one at the office will ever know that you’re always ready for a rainy day. This invention also puts an end to the missing umbrella ritual you struggle with on a daily basis before leaving for work. Noodle Guard Eating a bowl of hot, tasty noodles usually comes with some unwanted splash back. One wrong slurp can ruin your shirt. Unfortunately, a makeshift napkin bib only...
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16 Aug

Tech and Coffee, a Love Story

Coffee is an inherent necessity. The muddy brew is sought out every morning by the droves. Its need is embedded with morning routine therefore masking any connection to ‘addiction’. The morning beverage was featured on war posters during WWII selling war bonds, showcasing a smiling soldier gripping his steaming tin mug. The iconic Folger’s Coffee was established in 1855 in San Francisco, selling their product in slender aluminum cans that are now collector’s items. Then there was the instant coffee craze for folks seeking strange conveniences followed by the Starbucks frenzy that nearly dominated the entire coffee scene in the early 2000’s. Whichever way you put it, coffee is both work and leisure. Its said coffee’s best friends are donuts and...
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13 Aug

10 Coffee Gadgets to Fuel Your Lazy Morning

Tired of your boring, monotonous coffee-making routine? Below are 10 technologically advanced coffee machines that can help you jump-start your day. Brazen Connected Brew System Behmor’s latest coffee maker is built for the Internet of Things lifestyle. Individuals can control the unit using a mobile app via Bluetooth. Configurations include, temperature, volume and pre-soak time. "The brew system presents an opportunity for consumers to move away from 40-year-old 'technology' to a new paradigm for increasing their coffee pleasure. Adding DADO to our connected brewer makes our great system that much smarter," said Behmor President Joseph Behm. Clip Clip by Hay Sometimes innovation is a combination of two simple, essential items. This minimal coffee tool is a spoon with a clip attached on the...
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