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18 Sep

How to Stand out on Social Media

There is an overwhelming amount of artists in the world of social media. It might seem absurd to believe that you have a chance to stand out in such an impossibly large crowd. Yet time and time again, new artists emerge out of the endless online cacophony and stun thousands of people. These individuals use neither magical powers nor inaccessible tricks; many of them simply apply their knowledge of social media to their virtual lives, creating irresistible and successful online worlds. Standing out on social media is a skill anyone can learn. All you need is patience, persistence, and a desire to absorb valuable information. Since most of us want to be heard and understood in a way that will influence...
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8 May

How To Shoot and Edit Pro Interior Design Shots With Lightroom

Whether you're shooting for a restaurant, hotel or someone's personal home, interior design photography can be a great way for photographers to make money and become better known within the photo and business communities. Interior design photography might seem simple - there are generally no moving elements and you're free to manipulate the space as you wish. But there are a few common mistakes beginners make, and easy ways to avoid them. It's a common misconception that large, interior spaces need as wide of a lens as possible. Although a wide lens is helpful, it's not necessary and can sometimes be a detriment to the image. Most lenses that are wider than 24mm on most camera bodies will create a distorted, fish-eye effect. This...
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10 Mar

Should Artists Ever Work for Free?

Imagine our world void of commercial art. What would Time’s Square be like without images? Vogue Magazine without photography? Toys and clothing without licensed characters? What value does artwork hold for those making millions of dollars from the sales of these products? Working as a graphic designer for 15 years, and as a photographer for the last 5, I’ve more often than not felt underpaid, undervalued, absolutely replaceable and, in fact, completely worthless to the world at large. Art is subjective, and since everyone with a camera and photoshop fancies themselves a photographer or designer these days, there is more than enough supply to satisfy the demand of our image saturated society. Add millions of aspiring artists, many genuinely talented and...
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