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23 Jan

Drawing The Eye In: How To Create Clear Focal Points In Your Photos

Have you ever looked a photograph and your eye was immediately drawn to one part of it? The rest of the photo seems to drift away, relegated to mise en scene. But you don't mind.  The photo is stunning - striking even - and you can't take your eyes off of it. This sensation happens when a photographer is able to create a strong focal point. Focal points are crucial in any kind of photography, from landscapes to portraits. Most often defined as, "the thing that makes a photo unique," a focal point is basically where a photographer directs the eye of the viewer. Photographers use all sorts of techniques to show you their point of view. Here are a few you...
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27 Sep

The Photo Gear You Need for Your Tropical Vacation

When you're jet-setting to a warm island locale for some well-deserved vacay R&R, you definitely want to bring along a camera to document all the beautiful sites and landscapes you're bound to explore. However, it's also pretty important that you're not weighed down by cumbersome photo gear - who wants to lug a massive telephoto lens and tripod to the beach? Not to mention, there's also the chance of ruining your gear thanks to pesky sand and salt water. To get the best shots possible with the least amount of hassle, the next time you're headed to some gorgeous, balmy spot like Hawaii, The Bahamas or Cancun, try out this beach-ready gear from Lumoid. 1. The Weekender This camera kit is small in size,...
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7 Sep

Canon’s New CMOS Sensor Puts an End to Rolling Shutter Effects

It's good news for Canon DSLR fans! Announced just recently, Canon has now developed a CMOS sensor with a global shutter, which could mean the beginning of the end for future Canon DSLRs that don't feel the brunt of the "rolling shutter" effect. To further expound upon just what this means, CMOS sensors capture images line-by-line so that when shooting high speed or fast moving objects, curved distortions are inevitable considering the subject is in motion. Currently, these types of censors dominate the camera industry since they're less expensive alternatives to CCD sensors, but the one major upside of CCD sensors has always been their global shutter that captures all pixels at one time and eliminates distortion. This new sensor is...
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1 Sep

Coming Soon: Canon’s Newest Addition, the EOS 5D Mark IV

Emerging from a long line of well-loved DSLRs in the Canon 5D series, such as the original EOS 5D and the Mark II which introduced full HD video capture to DSLRs, the Mark IV certainly has a lot to live up to. Not to worry - it delivers! While not radically different in appearance from its predecessor (a strategic choice, as it allows photographers familiar with the other cameras in this line to be readily comfortable with it), it comes with amazing upgrades that make it one of the most complete DSLRs on the market. New features include a larger hand grip, 4k video capture, an upgrade AF system, built-in Wi-Fi/NFC and GPS, Dual Pixel autofocus, better weather-sealing and a 3.2...
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12 May

The Northern Lights: An Educational Guide for Lower-Latitude Photographers

Ray Majoran is a photographer, and the CEO of Bark Communications and Radiant. He lives in southwestern Ontario with his wife Carolyn and daughter Adalai. You can see more of his work by following him on 500px, visiting his portfolio, checking out his and Carolyn's website, or following him on Twitter. This article was originally published here. As an avid photographer who loves shooting the aurora borealis (more commonly known in the northern hemisphere as the northern lights), I sometimes get asked for tips. Being in southwestern Ontario, I don’t have the advantage that many high-latitude sky watchers have, so when the northern lights are out, I want to make the most of it! To save everyone some time, I’ve compiled a...
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22 Apr

Photographer Matt Robertson: What It Takes to Shoot Artists Like Kid Cudi, Whiz Khalifa, and Maroon 5

The allure of the rockstar lifestyle is easily explained: fame, travel, appreciation, adoration, influence, and experiences that are easily reserved for the very, very few. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to be a rockstar. Despite our curiosity about the ins and outs of what that lifestyle is like, very few of us will ever be able live it. So what's the next best thing? We want to read everything we can about celebrities. We want to hear from their friends about what it's "actually like." We watch every video and dissect every photograph just for a glimpse into this lifestyle as we imagine ourselves in their shoes. If you can't be a rockstar, why not travel with one, photographing their exploits...
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2 Feb

In Your Bag: Jay Cassario

Photographer Jay Cassario is serious when it comes to his equipment! As a wedding photographer and contributor to SLR Lounge, Jay knows his stuff. Wondering what’s in that bag? Okay, we’ll tell you! Camera bodies: Nikon Df, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III Lenses: Nikon 58mm f/1.4G, Nikon 85mm f/1.4G, Modified Nikon 50mm f/1.8D forfreelensing. Canon 50mm f/1.2L and Canon 35mm f/1.4L. Out of the bag: Mamiya RZ67 with 120 film back and Polaroid film back. Proline Tripod. Bag: ThinkTank Airport Navigator What Jay has to say: I rarely travel lightly, and all of my gear is used for different purposes. I have shot with both Nikon and Canon gear for a little over a year now, and have found a way to use them both differently. I bring...
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