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25 May

3 Incredible Drone Shots & How To Replicate Them

Shooting eye catching videos from high end cameras and fancy videocameras has become rather mundane in todays generation. People across the world are starting to adapt different methodologies on how to capture the most riveting video reel whether that be via action cams, 360° cameras, or even drones. There lay only one method to capture that awesome aerial footage and that is with drones. Check out our 3 tips to create stunning drone footage. 1. The Chase Gear Used: DJI Inspire 1 with Zenmuse X3 Gimbal Look at the precision and accuracy the operator maintains from 1:09 to 1:17. By keeping the subject (mountain biker) in the shot at all times while simultaneously flying towards the edge of the cliff, the scene builds excitement...
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24 May

Introducing: DJI Spark

DJI has announced its newest drone to the market - DJI Spark. The Spark is a mini drone that includes all the typical DJI technology, allowing you to capture any moment at any time! Smaller than its older brother the Mavic Pro, the Spark can fit in the palm of your hand, but don't be fooled, it still features cutting edge drone technology. Check out the new features below: Photo via DJI Flight Time - 16 minutes Max Speed - 31 mph Gimbal - 2-Axis Stabilized Max Transmission Distance - 1.2 miles Effective Pixels - 12MP Photo via DJI DJI has made going hands-free a priority. With FaceAware technology integrated with Quick Launch, the Spark can take off from your...
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16 May

Lumoid Makes Affordability a Priority

Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars for a camera body or lens that you might use a handful of times, try renting instead! Lumoid is leading the charge in providing consumers exceptional affordability when it comes to renting camera bodies, lens, drones, wearables, and audio equipment. With new technology hitting the shelves at dumbfounding rates, it is hard to keep up with the latest gadgets. In addition, with added features and new bells/whistles, a camera or lens you bought 6 months ago essentially becomes obsolete. Lumoid understands this issue and has presented a "try-before-you-buy" philosophy where 20% of your rental cost goes towards credits which you can use for purchasing photo gear. By renting, you are investing in yourself. Revolutionary! Unbeatable...
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11 Jan

Lumoid’s Favorite Cameras of 2016

If you didn’t get the new gear you were hoping for during the holidays, it’s not too late for a little from-me-to-me present. And with some seriously powerful cameras released in 2016, why not start the new year off right and go for something that will completely change the way you shoot. So if you’re in the market for a new camera, or just want to drool over the new gear that’s out there, this list is here for you. 1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV: Fans of Canon’s 5D series rejoice! The new Mark IV is even more powerful than the previous cameras in the series, with an upgraded 30.4MP full-frame CMOS sensor paired with an advanced DIGIC 6+ Image...
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27 Sep

The Photo Gear You Need for Your Tropical Vacation

When you're jet-setting to a warm island locale for some well-deserved vacay R&R, you definitely want to bring along a camera to document all the beautiful sites and landscapes you're bound to explore. However, it's also pretty important that you're not weighed down by cumbersome photo gear - who wants to lug a massive telephoto lens and tripod to the beach? Not to mention, there's also the chance of ruining your gear thanks to pesky sand and salt water. To get the best shots possible with the least amount of hassle, the next time you're headed to some gorgeous, balmy spot like Hawaii, The Bahamas or Cancun, try out this beach-ready gear from Lumoid. 1. The Weekender This camera kit is small in size,...
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26 Sep

Reducing Camera Shake in Photoshop: A Simple Four Step Tutorial

camera shake reduction
We’ve all been there before – we’re rushing to capture the perfect shot of something before it’s too late, and in the ensuing madness, we don’t realize that we were a little jittery when taking the shot. Nothing is as big of a bummer as realizing a really good photo opportunity was spoiled by your own error, namely shaking the camera. But fret not – your image isn’t completely ruined due to this blur and shaky after effect. In fact, with a little Photoshop editing magic, it is quite possible to salvage a blurry photo. Follow this four-step tutorial on reducing camera shake in Photoshop in order to recover the glorious potential of photos marred by shaky fuzziness. Step 1 Open your...
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20 Sep

This Camera Can Read Books Without Even Opening Them

Leave it to the geniuses at MIT to develop a piece of tech that essentially allows them to study without really studying. I’m of course talking about a camera developed by a team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that can read books without them being opened or even touched. If this X-ray vision camera sounds incredibly sci-fi in nature, you clearly underestimated the power and minds of our leading techies. The goal of the camera, however, is not to get out of the academic requirement of actually hitting the books – the camera was developed to scan books that are centuries old, which can be too delicate to touch or read without damaging them. So, just how does this...
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8 Sep

National Geographic’s Picks For the Best Compact Cameras for Travel Photographers

travel photography
When it comes to both travel and photography, National Geographic certainly knows their stuff. The renowned publication boasts some of the most stunning travel imagery, and hugely famous and influential photographers have had their works showcased in Nat Geo’s glossy pages over the years. In fact, the publication has become so synonymous with breathtaking photography, it’s one of the holy grails most photographers aspire to. So, when you’ve got that much clout in the photography world, people certainly take notice when you release a “best of” camera list. Nat Geo recently published a list of their top 10 compact cameras for travelers, and it’s hard to argue with any of their choices because of their knowledge, expertise and standing in the...
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9 Aug

Casio Enters the 360-Degree Camera Arena with an Adventure Cam That Splits in Two

Casio EXFR200
An unlikely company has decided to hop the bandwagon and enter the 360-degree camera market. Unveiling their latest camera model, the EX-FR200, Casio has created and debuted a 360-degree camera that boasts one unique and quite interesting function – the ability to be broken apart and built back together in four separate ways. As a rugged adventure camera, the EX-FR200 comes equipped with a 13.4mm equivalent fisheye lens and an LCD-screen sensor unit that will detach from the camera’s body in order to be reattached to different variations of the camera, or used on its own. Casio’s camera can be broken up and assembled in a variety of different ways to help you capture all different types of shots and photography....
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5 Aug

This Action Camera Has Built-In Cell Service for Live Streaming on the Go

Sioeye cameras
Watch out, GoPro! There’s a new action camera on the market, and this one has built-in LTE cell service to enable instantaneous live streaming from the peaks of the highest mountains to the depths of the deepest bodies of water. Startup Sioeye has unveiled two versions of its live streaming, cell servicing action camera: the Iris4G Blink and Iris4G 4K. Currently, the Iris4G 4K is available for a price tag of $429, while its little cousin, the Iris4G Blink arrives this October for just $249. The essential difference between the two cameras is – shocking spoiler alert! – the Iris4G 4K can record and stream in 4K, while the Iris4G Blink taps out at 1080p. Both of Sioeye’s cameras support 3G...
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