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9 May

To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade To The Mark IV

Canon's 5D series of DSLRs has been a cult favorite, serving full-frame photographer to a larger, wider audience while transforming the video market with Full HD video capture. Building on the features and performance of the Mark III, the EOS 5D Mark IV is really quite special. Here's how it matches up with the Mark III.                   1. Sensor There wasn't much of a difference in terms of resolution between the Mark II and the Mark III – from 21.1MP to 22.3MP – but the IV boasts a 31.7MP sensor that outputs images at an effective 30.4MP; and according to Canon, it's a brand new design. Worth the upgrade? Yes. 2. Expanded Sensitivity With a new sensor, the Mark IV has a slightly broader native ISO...
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6 Mar

Know Your Worth: A Breakdown On How To Price Your Photo Services

One of the biggest challenges of starting a business is figuring out how to price the goods and services you offer. You don't want to undersell yourself and devalue the market, but overpricing and scaring off potential clients is just as dangerous. Pricing similar to the competition is a good place to start, but since what you're offering is presumably not exactly the same, the prices shouldn't be either. That's why we've compiled this guide that will break down everything you need to know about pricing. The first thing to remember is that your pricing shouldn't be exactly the same as the competition's, just as your services aren't exactly the same. While it's good to compare pricing, it's also important to have a strong...
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18 Jun

So You Want To Be A Videographer? Here’s How To Start.

With the development of DSLR cameras, videography is no longer reserved for Hollywood’s hot shot filmmakers. Shooting high quality video is now possible with a little help from a decent tripod, some basic audio equipment, a few setting changes on your camera and a splash of creative energy. The first step to shooting video is to figure out your camera settings. The first thing you’ll want to do is to switch your camera from still to video mode. This will differ from camera to camera, so it’s best to look through your instruction manual to become familiar with your model’s settings. Switching to video mode will usually require changing the mode dial at the top of the camera or flipping...
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