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11 May

How to Conserve Drone Battery Life

Trying to figure out how to conserve your drone battery life to maximize the amount of flight time? Welcome to the club! Drone batteries run anywhere from 20-30 minutes, depending on weather conditions and how aggressive the operator flies. In high winds, expect a decrease in battery life, whereas gentle and smooth flying will give you longevity. Here are a few tips to maximize your drone battery life. Fly Gently and Smooth To really maximize the most amount of time with your battery, you are going to want to fly very smooth and gently. Zipping through the skies and making sharp turns will drastically decrease your battery life due to harsh accelerations and stops. By blissfully gliding through the air, you not only conserve...
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15 Feb

Heavyweight Battle of the Drones: Phantom 4 vs. Mavic Pro

As the commercial drone market starts its long awaited boom, there has only been one clear front runner to lead the charge. The French company Parrot has struggled to produce top of the line products and American born GoPro just entered the drone scene with a major setback due to the recall of the Karma drone. That leaves us with two primary players, DJI and 3D Robotics (3DR). With strong initial funding, 3DR seemed to go round for round with DJI, but as time wore on, 3DR shifted its emphasis toward software solutions. Hence, DJI remains the only strong candidate in commercial drone hardware manufacturing. That leaves us to wonder, which of the DJI drones will continue to dominate the commercial...
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28 Nov

Instant Battery: Huawei’s Quick-Charge Technology Protects Batteries

The human affair with smartphones is a complex one. Some people enjoy certain features, some people go for durability and some go for battery life. The average smartphone's battery life has been increasing, but the time to charge said batteries has been largely stagnant. Some users need to charge their phones for as long as four hours to go from zero to 100 percent. In addition, frequent charging of smartphones has a negative effect on its battery life. While batteries can be easily replaced on some phones, others need to take their phones in for repairs, which can cost as much as getting a new phone in some cases. I ran a charging test on my own phone to get it...
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26 Oct

Facebook mobile app cited as biggest power hog on smartphones

If you regularly check Facebook on your mobile phone, you may be unintentionally draining your phone's battery. Circa CEO Matt Galligan has reported several issues with the Facebook app in an article on that might be tied to iOS 9 on the iPhone 6s Plus. “Over the last seven days, Facebook is the greatest offender of battery drain on my iPhone 6s Plus,” Galligan said. Galligan reported that not only did Facebook account for 15 percent of all battery drain, but he also disabled the background app refresh feature, which should stop the app from doing anything until he turns it on again. However, the app kept draining his phone battery. He also reported that Safari, which is a known...
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