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20 Jul

Transform Your Photos Into Homages of Famous Paintings with the Prisma App

Prisma app
If you really want to get artsy fartsy with your photography, then your next obsession will undoubtedly be the Prisma app, available for free on iOS. This new camera app will take your photos and transform them to resemble the artistic style of famous painters and paintings. More than just another app full of filters, Prisma is a love letter to some of history’s most renowned artists, offering extremely realistic and detailed capabilities that will take your photos to the next level and make them look ready to be adorned on the wall of a MoMA. By marrying both artificial intelligence and neural networks, the app is powered by an algorithm that enables it to completely transform the rote photo...
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20 Jun

Google Launches Magenta Project to Discover If AI Can Create Music and Art

Are there limits to a computer’s creativity? On June 1, Google launched Magenta, part of Google Brain Group, to explore this very question. Magenta is a research project using artificial intelligence (AI) to create music, images and text. So far, the group has about six researchers and will invite others through Google’s Tensorflow, an open-source library for machine learning, to help solve the problem of creative machines. “Magenta has now generated its first piece of AI music,” according to Jason Freidenfelds of Google’s Global Communications & Public Affairs team. Elliot Waite at Google created the little ditty embedded below using a LSTM (long short term memory) neural network:   Machine-generated music has been done before, but not in this fashion - this...
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20 Apr

Gear You Need To Survive Coachella

I've been to Coachella four years in a row and just returned from Weekend 1 of 2. With Weekend 2 coming up quick, I'm here to help make sure you have the gear you need to preserve your upcoming time of your life! Coachella has always relied heavily on spectacle, but this year they've outdone themselves. For the first time, the art has been commissioned solely for Coachella instead of being reused from another festival - and it's bigger than ever. Additionally, Coachella's stages have received significant upgrades. Specifically, the main stage (officially the Coachella Stage) now has wraparound, giant screens and the Sahara tent (which mainly hosts EDM acts) has dozens of LED-powered cubes positively packed with lights. Here's...
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19 Feb

The Hidden Stories Behind Ted Chin’s Photography

Photography is the art of preserving a fleeting moment. No moment lasts forever, unless someone has the eye to catch it. We're drawn to cameras and photographs because we want to be remembered. We want people to look back at our memories and get an idea of what our moment was like. Herein lies the art of a photographer. The difference between a snapshot and a photograph is that a photograph is intentionally framed and exposed as a memento that represents the best moment in a given atmosphere or situation. The photographers we most connect to are the ones who know how to create a specific mise en scene. Ted Chin creates his mise en scene with whimsical edits that give...
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22 Dec

Artist Turns Parents’ Cottage into the Ultimate Gingerbread House

L.A.-based photographer and artist Christine McConnell is a DIY queen. While most households are busy trying not to kill themselves by hanging string lights from their roofs and putting inflatable snowmen in their yards to ring in the holiday season, McConnell puts them all to shame with her extreme and surreal artistic vision. Instead of simply decorating a house, McConnell uses the house itself as the canvas for her wild and imaginative artistic vision, transforming the façade of her parents’ house into a mouth-watering and eye-popping gingerbread house reminiscent of the famed cottage from the fairytale Hansel and Gretel. “I've always loved the Hansel and Gretel fairytale,” McConnell told Slate. “After watching Christmas Vacation a few weeks ago and seeing Chevy Chase...
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11 Dec

Walk a Map of the World at Lake Klejtrup in Denmark

For a quarter of a century, artist Søren Poulsen worked tirelessly and meticulously on a project inspired by his work on the drainage system in the meadows surrounding Denmark’s Lake Klejtrup. One day, he found a stone shaped like Jutland, the large peninsula separating the North and Baltic seas. By manipulating the land around the banks of the lake, and using materials such as stones, grass and soil, Poulsen spent 25 years (1944-1969) creating a giant map of the world using nothing but the land and nature surrounding him. The project took so long because Poulsen did it solo, and only during his spare time. This resulted in most of the work being done during winter when he was able to...
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11 Dec

Performance Art Piece Hopes to Convey the Severity of Global Warming

Climate change and global warming are bound to be (no pun intended) hot topics as we head into 2016 and the presidential dog and pony show campaign race that will politically define the year. Even now, efforts to fight back against our gradually warming planet are being discussed, most recently at the U.N.’s Climate Summit in Paris where world leaders engaged in (I apologize again) heated debate over how to respond to this detrimental change in our planet’s climate. While these heads of state bickered with each other over the proper course of action to take, passersby at Art Basel in Miami got their own dose of global warming rhetoric in the form of performance art. Los Angeles-based artist Lars Jan...
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10 Dec

Anyone Can Become a 3D Animator with WordsEye

For the artistically challenged, the prospect of even drawing a believable stick figure can be quite a daunting task. I might, perhaps, be projecting my complete and utter lack of artistic capability onto others, but the point is, most people simply can’t create art to save their lives. But now, hope is on the horizon for those of us that flunked out of Art 101 because our macaroni art just wasn’t up to snuff. A new web and mobile app called WordsEye can turn our typed out words into 3D animations right before our very eyes. WordsEye was developed for the everyday person who may not be equipped to create nifty, fun 3D animations like those mad wizards over at Pixar....
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8 Dec

Making the Most of Art Basel

Miami, land of personal image and humidity, has again hosted the arts and cultural fair Art Basel for the 16th time. Shutting down the city for the better part of the week, Art Basel attracts 70,000 artists (and partiers) from all over the world to come relish in paintings, photography, expensive clothes and statues. There's even some performance art - and sometimes there isn't. Specifically, that time this year when a woman was stabbed in an art gallery with an X-Acto knife, but no one helped assuming it was artistic expression. That's Art Basel! Photo courtesy of Bobby Yip/Reuters Photo courtesy of A Shaded View on Fashion If it sounds crazy, it totally is. And that's what makes Art Basel such a talked-about event. Art...
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30 Nov

Artist Creates Trippy Textile Rugs That Look Like They’re Melting Before Your Eyes

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In most cases, the concept of beauty is held to ridiculous and unattainable standards of perfection. But I think most people will agree that perfection is rather boring. Faig Ahmed certainly thinks so if his works of art are any indication. The artist is responsible for creating textile rugs that resemble a messy canvass of dripping paint bleeding into a lovely and aesthetically pleasing pattern. While Ahmed’s rugs might make those perfectionists itchy with how abstract and psychedelic the finished product comes off, it’s hard to deny how surprisingly mesmerizing his rugs are. Using traditional Azerbaijani textiles, Ahmed flips the script and stops following the structured patterns of many of these...
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