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22 Sep

Become a Pokémon Master with This Pokémon GO Wearable

Pokemon GO wearable
To say that Pokémon GO became an unexpected phenomenon is a bit of an understatement. It is, however, a testament to two things: the power of nostalgia and the technologic evolution of gaming and augmented reality. After a monstrous big bang of a launch, the craze surrounding Pokémon GO has died down a bit and the public and player fascination has waned, mostly due to a lack of updates. Makers Niantic Labs are trying to reignite the Poké craze, and while upgrades to the app itself don’t appear to be on the horizon much to the chagrin of players, the game is getting even techier if it’s possible. Trainers, meet the Pokémon GO Plus wearable! Starting September 16, Pokémon GO players...
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15 Sep

Take Your Snapchat Game to the Next Level with These 9 Hacks

snapchat hacks
Snapchat is no joke. As a matter of fact, it’s a tricky world to navigate. Even for those adept at the platform, Snapchat doesn’t wear its secrets on its sleeves. There are a wealth of hidden tricks and features within Snapchat that only Ghostface Chillah himself knows about…until now, that is! That’s right, prepare to be schooled on all the devilish little secrets Snapchat has been hiding from us. Whether you’re a newbie to the social platform or an aficionado, there’s bound to be at least one amazing hack that will leave you looking like the dropped jaw emoji. With these nine hacks, you’ll be leagues ahead of your friends when it comes to your Snapchat prowess. Apply 3 Filters: Swipe...
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11 Sep

Three Apps That Make Editing Photos on Your Phone a Breeze

photo editing apps
For the photographer on the go, there’s no more a convenient or powerful device than probably what’s already in their – and most everyone’s – pocket: a smartphone. This is because a smartphone can accomplish all the basic facets of the process, including capturing an image, editing that image to polish it up and then posting and distributing the final product. The fact that all of this can be done on one device is truly remarkable, and just goes to show how far we’ve come. While it’s obvious to most that you can take photos on your phone thanks to built-in cameras and post those thanks to an abundance of social sharing apps, what most forget is how easy and...
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9 Aug

Meet the Self-Proclaimed World’s Worst Photo App

Aestheticam app
It's not often that a product flaunts how terrible it is, let alone tout it. But sometimes, being so, so bad can end up being so, so good. When your reputation rides on just how downright awful you are, being the worst might be the best thing for you. At least, that’s the mantra A E S T H E T I C A M is living by. As the self-proclaimed “world’s worst camera app,” A E S T H E T I C A M is everything Instagram and other popular photo apps are not. The visually cringe-worthy app forgoes a modern, streamlined aesthetic and interface to give you one hot mess of an app. Created by Nick Lee,...
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2 Aug

Instagram Introduces Snapchat-Inspired Stories Feature

In the increasingly competitive social media market, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook reign as the top three networks used by young people. With Snapchat rolling out new features on a pretty regular basis, Facebook-owned Instagram has been struggling to keep up on quite the same level. Cue the announcement of Instagram Stories. With fewer features than Snapchat Stories, but essentially a clone-copy, Instagram Stories allows users to post photo and video stories that disappear after 24 hours. Instagram co-founder and chief executive Kevin Systrom expressed interest in creating Instagram Stories to act as a place where users can post and share all their daily life moments that they might not deem "special" enough for their more curated Instagram feed and as something to...
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28 Jul

Google’s Arts & Culture App Incorporates Immersive Virtual Reality Features

Google Arts & Culture app
In its ever-expanding quest to educate the world by giving access us to an armada of encyclopedic knowledge at our fingertips, Google is now looking to make us a little bit more cultured as well. With the recent launch of its new Arts & Culture app, Google is trying to make history and art cool again through the use of advanced technology and immersive virtual reality capabilities. The Arts & Culture app is both a wet dream for the creative minded and an amazing stepping-stone for those who like art, but just can’t seem to “get it.” With the ability to explore the art and culture of more than 70 countries with access to thousands of museums across the world,...
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20 Jul

Apple’s Swift Playgrounds App Will Teach All of Us How to Code

You may think you know how to code, but most likely, you have no idea how to do it in 2016 standards. I thought I had a minor grasp on coding, learning HTML and CSS, but was never under the impression that I was a master coder. When I was asked by a snotty engineer if I knew any code and I responded with that, he laughed in my face. Yes, my coding knowledge is woefully out of date – I get it! However, Apple is looking to help me and millions of others who are behind or simply have no idea how to code with an app launching this fall that will teach us mere peons how to do...
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20 Jul

Transform Your Photos Into Homages of Famous Paintings with the Prisma App

Prisma app
If you really want to get artsy fartsy with your photography, then your next obsession will undoubtedly be the Prisma app, available for free on iOS. This new camera app will take your photos and transform them to resemble the artistic style of famous painters and paintings. More than just another app full of filters, Prisma is a love letter to some of history’s most renowned artists, offering extremely realistic and detailed capabilities that will take your photos to the next level and make them look ready to be adorned on the wall of a MoMA. By marrying both artificial intelligence and neural networks, the app is powered by an algorithm that enables it to completely transform the rote photo...
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18 Jul

Does Snapchat’s New Memories Feature Defeat the Purpose of Snapchat?

The big, fresh and shiny update for Snapchat hit mobile users recently, and the talk of the town is the new Memories feature. Memories allows you to save photos and videos you take within Snapchat into a photo album within the app, edit and send them solo or grouped together at a later time and even upload photos and videos from your phone’s camera roll into the Snapchat Memories bank so you can Snapchat-ify them and publish them to your Story. Reaction to this new update has been mixed and lukewarm – I fall firmly on the opposed side, as I think Memories blows up the premise of what makes Snapchat so unique in the social media image sharing landscape....
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2 Jun

Mindset Provides Stress Relief Using Wearables

Mental health and fitness is arguably just as, if not more, important than physical. However, most wearables on the market seem to be focused squarely on improving and bettering aspects of one’s physical fitness. The funny thing is, most wearables are already equipped with the technology needed to detect, track and monitor our mental state – they just need apps and other outside help to quantify and analyze this sort of data. That’s where Missouri startup Mindset comes into play. Developed by engineering students at Washington University in St. Louis, Mindset is an app that complements wearables and fitness trackers to help users with monitoring and managing their stress levels. Tapping into the technology built into wearables, Mindset can read and...
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