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14 Mar

Amazon’s Delivery Drones Spotted at SXSW

The annual conference and festival South by Southwest (SXSW) celebrated the convergence of the film and music last week. With interviews ranging from Buzz Aldrin to established singer T.I., it was an eventful week filled with great people and great food! One of the biggest attractions was the sighting of Amazon's  long awaited delivery drones. The e-commerce giant unveiled two of its Prime Air drones in Austin, Texas this past week. Being the first time ever displayed to the general public, crowds gathered to feast their eyes on the delivery of household items, goods, and basic necessities. Unfortunately, attendees stood disappointed as Amazon did not perform any test deliveries nor even a single flight at the festival. Photo via NBCNews Protection...
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21 Sep

Amazon Launches Game-Changing Online Photo Printing Service

E-commerce juggernaut Amazon has just announced a whopper of an addition to their services in the form of Amazon Prints. The introduction of the service - which allows Amazon users to order and print photos, photo books and soon calendars, stationery and much more - caused a nosedive of around 14% in the stock of current leading online print company, Shutterfly. Amazon Prints features pricing that other companies will be hard-pressed to beat with 4x6 prints costing just 9 cents each and 5x7 and 8x10 prints priced at 58 cents and $1.79 respectively. While they advertise stationery and calendars as "coming soon," currently they have photo books available for purchase, starting at a very reasonable $20 which increases based on the size, cover and paper choice made...
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5 Aug

Amazon Wants You to Hear People Say Your Name Even Through Noise Cancelling Headphones

Amazon noise cancelling headphones
Audiophiles can attest that any quality pair of headphones worth their salt will be noise-cancelling headphones that can block out all the sounds, voices and cacophony of the outside world so you can blissfully enjoy your tunes as you navigate through the noisy world. Still, there are downsides to every great invention. Sometimes, it can be a little dangerous to completely repel the sounds of your environment – for example, it’d be good to hear a car’s brakes screeching to a hurried stop before hitting you while you cross the street. It’s also convenient to hear and know if someone is calling out your name. Thanks to Amazon’s latest patent, we may be able to have our cake and eat...
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2 Jul

FAA Releases New, More Lax Regulations for Commercial Drones

drone regulations
The day many actual and prospective drone owners have been dreading has finally arrived – the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has finally released its safety rules and regulations governing the use of commercial drones. In a shocking twist, the regulations are actually very accommodating for commercial drone owners and businesses that wish to cash in on the might and power of their drones for profit. However, these regulations make something like the long-rumored Amazon drone delivery service a much more difficult feat to pull off (sorry, Amazon, looks like it’s back to the drawing board). These regulations, which take effect beginning in August, only relate to unmanned aerial vehicles that weigh less than 55 pounds – pretty much every commercial and...
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15 Jun

Amazon Is Breaking Into the Music Streaming Game

Amazon streaming platform
Rumors are swirling like those supposed delivery drones which we’re still waiting for that Amazon has its sights set on dominating another industry: music streaming. According to a report from CNBC, the online retailer is within striking distance of launching an as-of-now-unnamed music streaming platform. Sources within the company estimate a late summer or early fall launch for the service. It would appear all that’s standing in Amazon’s way is finalizing some pesky music licensing agreements in order to offer a “competitive catalog of songs” – they’ll want to get those right, lest they face the wrath of Taylor Swift like Apple Music did. Amazon Prime already has a music store and free streaming catalog of its own, but this latest...
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25 Feb

A Launching Pad Enables Drones to Land Safely Atop Moving Cars

Amazon is pushing the old pizza delivery slogan of “30 minutes or less” for their flagship drone delivery service. Meanwhile, the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft und Ramfahrt, DLR) is seeking to take that mantra about 5 steps further by having drones deliver packages to you no matter where you are, including to the roof of your car utilizing an attachable drone launching pad. The DLR has already been testing this launching pad idea using a solar-powered Penguin BE UAV. According to the DLR's press release, there have been several design changes in the drone that will allow it to travel at greater heights and distances more quickly. “Eliminating the landing gear significantly increases the payload capability of a...
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2 Feb

30 Minutes or Less: Amazon’s Drones Plan to Deliver Packages at Lightning Speed

The phrase “30 minutes or less” has been around since the halcyon days of pizza delivery. Domino's Pizza advertised delivery of its pizzas in 30 minutes or it was free, and this guarantee of pizza at your doorstep in a half hour was the pizza chain's marketing slogan from 1979 to 1993. Now, Amazon is seeking to revive the concept of “30 minutes or less” using modern technology—in this case, drones. Amazon's vice president of global public policy, Paul Misener, outlined his plans in an interview with Yahoo. “The goals we've set for ourselves are: The range has to be over 10 miles. These things will weigh about 55 pounds each, but they'll be able to deliver parcels that weigh...
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5 Jan

What to Expect at CES 2016

From smart cars to wearables to flexible displays, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 is shaping up to usher in another exciting year of consumer electronics. Already in full swing this year, CES has brought us the future countless times in years pass. From flexible displays to 4K televisions to concept vehicles and the Roomba, invention thrives on the trade show's floor.  If there's a brand that has a product with a battery or a charging cord, chances are that they have some presence at CES. While CES absolutely delivers the world a few duds every year (remember 3D televisions?), there's no reason to not be at least a little excited about this peek into your technological future. Here's what you can...
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4 Jan

Hydrogen Fuel Cells May Be the Key to Longer Drone Flights

The drone wars are starting to resemble the megapixel wars in the digital camera game from years ago: a furious race among multiple players, with new names entering all the time and seemingly no end to the possibilities. Sales numbers for drones continue to astound as well. Research analyst The Teal Group expects the U.S. market for commercial drones to reach $5.4 billion in sales by 2023. Deloitte predicts that 2015 will wind up being a breakthrough year for these devices. When the dust settles, the firm predicts over 1 million units will be sold for the first time in the category. However, there have always been some drawbacks with drones, namely their short range and long recharging times. Well, these...
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2 Jan

SpaceX Releases Long-Exposure Images of Monumental Rocket Launch

SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space exploration startup, finally did the unthinkable. It launched a rocket in orbit and landed it on a pad, 1,000 meters from the original site. The company also deployed 11 commercial satellites during the process. If you’ve been following the group’s road to success, you’ll know that it was a very bumpy one. But even a couple of failed attempts and a flagship vessel explosion earlier this year couldn’t stop SpaceX from coming out and doing what they do best: launching large rockets. “Landing a Falcon 9 rocket was a long time coming for SpaceX. The company used smaller test rockets called the Grasshopper to test the system. Gradually, over several launches, the smaller rocket reached new heights from...
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