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17 Aug

How To Find A Prime Spot to Shoot With Your Drone

To capture that dream shot with your drone, there are numerous of aspects you need to take into consideration. Weather, laws, places to operate from and positioning are all crucial to the quality of your photography. You'll find that by using some common sense and some tools, finding that perfect spot really isn't that hard. Be Familiar With Local Laws The first thing when it comes to finding a good spot to shoot from is to be familiar with the laws in the area you plan to photograph. A good general rule to start out with is that drones will be outlawed in air spaces near airports, military bases, and National Parks. Be conscious of any of those around you. The next big step...
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10 Aug

Top 10 Places in the World To Film With Your Drone

Do you want to travel with your drone and capture some of the best places in the world? If so, this list is a great place to start, as it includes 10 of the best locations, representing four continents. From beaches to city scenes and everything in between, this list has a location perfect for everyone. Legality of Flying Drones Before talking about the places, a quick note on legality. Wherever you are flying, you must make sure that it is legal to do so. In all of the places on this list, drone usage is legal in most parts. However, there are usually some no-fly areas, especially in big cities. A few general rules you should follow are no flying over or...
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15 Feb

Heavyweight Battle of the Drones: Phantom 4 vs. Mavic Pro

As the commercial drone market starts its long awaited boom, there has only been one clear front runner to lead the charge. The French company Parrot has struggled to produce top of the line products and American born GoPro just entered the drone scene with a major setback due to the recall of the Karma drone. That leaves us with two primary players, DJI and 3D Robotics (3DR). With strong initial funding, 3DR seemed to go round for round with DJI, but as time wore on, 3DR shifted its emphasis toward software solutions. Hence, DJI remains the only strong candidate in commercial drone hardware manufacturing. That leaves us to wonder, which of the DJI drones will continue to dominate the commercial...
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3 Oct

Behold the Brand New DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Brand spanking new on the drone scene is the latest and greatest from DJI: the Mavic Pro. Boasting improved portability and power, this foldable drone can be manipulated down to the size of a water bottle and just as easily be unfolded and take flight in under a minute flat. Let's get into the details, shall we? Not only do the arms and propellers fold nice and neat for fantastic on-the-go capabilities, DJI's Mavic Pro also incorporates a 4k front camera, a 4.3 mile distance range, visual navigation system and a 27-minute flight time. For long-range use, the Mavic Pro can be operated with a remote controller, but if you're not looking to fly it great distances, you can utilize your...
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28 Sep

10 Austin Photogs You Need To Follow On Instagram

Austin Texas, or ATX, is a true mecca for creatives, entrepreneurs, students, foodies and musicians. And speaking of musicians, live music is so pervasive in Austin it’s dubbed the “Live Music Capital of the World.” However, during my travels I quickly learned that Austinites do not take themselves too seriously - and that’s what keeps the city’s cool factor in check. From the wide spectrum of music, film, and interactive festivals like South By Southwest (SXSW) and the upcoming Austin City Limits, to the plethora of delish restaurants, funky art and cultural scenes, beautiful dog-friendly parks, and even meditation flash mobs, most Austinites agree that ATX is best showcased visually. Here are some of Austin's most innovative photographers (in no particular order)...
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22 Jul

DJI’s Zenmuse Z3 Is the First Aerial Zoom Camera for Drones

Attention aerial photography and drone enthusiasts! Does DJI have a brand spanking new product to get you all giddy. The premier drone-maker has announced the impending launch of the Zenmuse Z3, their first aerial zoom camera for drones that is tailor-made for aerial still photography. With the ability to zoom in up to a whopping 7x, thanks to both a 2x digital zoom and 3.5x optical zoom, and the ability to shoot 12 megapixel photos and 4K video at 30fps, Zenmuse Z3 packs a wallop for any camera, especially one that can be equipped to a drone. The Zenmuse Z3 zoom technology was made possible thanks to recent advancements in DJI’s stabilization tech, complementing a drone’s sparse movements and magnifying...
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13 Jul

Check Out the Gorgeous Winning Shots of the Dronestagram Competition

For the third year in a row, Dronestagram --- "the world's first social network dedicated to aerial photography" --- has partnered with National Geographic to put on a competition of epic proportions. This year, their International Drone Photography Contest racked up a whopping 6,000 entries with a mere nine of those being selected as winners. The contest was split into three categories, those being Travel, Sports and Adventure, and Nature and Wildlife, and the top three entries were chosen in those groups. Take a look below at the stunning aerial shots that were crowned this year's winners: Travel 1st Place: Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Umbria, Italy by fcattto 2nd Place: Camels on Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas by Todd Kennedy 3rd Place: Sunbathers on...
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5 Jun

Stunning Aerial Shots of Australia Taken by a Drone

Bronte Beach
It should come as no surprise that drones can pull off some pretty impressive photography. Due to the nature of these high-flying devices, more and more photographers and filmmakers are employing drones in order to capture stunning aerial footage that can’t easily be accomplished using traditional methods and equipment. Drones make it simple and relatively cheap to shoot from the sky and create sweeping, birds-eye views of landscapes. Gabriel Scanu is using a drone and his Instagram to show the world a gorgeous side of Australia they’ve probably never seen before. Employing DJI drones like the Phantom models, and stumbling on the sweet spot of around 400 feet in altitude, Scanu has captured dozens of mesmerizing shots of Australia’s coast, cliffs...
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18 May

Drones Enable Cheaper and Easier Filmmaking

drone filmmaking
Hollywood is a fickle and pricey business. A typical movie production budget from Tinseltown is easily in the tens of millions, and that’s not even close to the dollar amount backing summer blockbusters. So what’s a novice or emerging filmmaker to do when it comes to getting their vision filmed and shown on the silver screen without breaking the bank? These days, it usually means turning to drones. The relative low cost and accessibility of drones and drone technology is allowing smaller, independent films and productions to take flight, literally! There’s no denying the capabilities of drones for capturing and filming aerial footage. Many big-budget movies and television shows like Mission Impossible and Game of Thrones have surrendered to drone technology,...
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10 May

This Tiny, Hovering Drone Camera Will Be Your New Best Friend

Hover Camera
It’s no secret the photography prowess and capability consumer drones possess. These high-flying devices are responsible for capturing some of the most stunning aerial images, granting photographers a new ace up their sleeves when it comes to aerial photography. However, the Hover Camera is not one of those drones. A product of Zero Zero Robotics, Hover Camera is a tiny drone camera that will hover and follow you around, doubling as both your loyal drone friend and a makeshift device that will take pictures and videos of your and surroundings. The simple design and functionality make Hover Camera easy for just about anyone to pick up and use, seeing as how the little guy does most of the heavy lifting itself....
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