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31 Jul

How to Use the Selective Color Tool in Photoshop

When I discovered the selective color tool for the first time, I felt a little intimidated. It looked like a language that only Photoshop experts could decipher. When I finally began to experiment with it, I entered a world of independent creative control. The language I was so afraid of using turned out to be a language I already knew. To make the most of this handy feature, all you need is a little patience and enthusiasm. If you're passionate about altering very specific colors in your photos, Photoshop's selective color tool will help you enhance your workflow flawlessly. Here are some examples of what it can do: The following tutorials will help you understand how to use selective color to enhance...
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18 Apr

Perfect Drone Images with Lightroom’s Histogram Tool

In this tutorial, we will show you how to maximize the Histogram tool located on the top right of your Lightroom screen to fully encapsulate your image's true potential. The histogram in essence tells you where your edits should be made when it comes to exposure, contrast, etc. It will outline where certain details are lost and how to recover them. We'll break down the tutorial into five categories: Clipping/Shadows Exposure Contrast Tones Luminance/Saturation Clipping/Shadows To check for clipping, we click the Show Shadow Clipping and Show Highlight Clipping triangular icons on the top left and right. In the photo below, we see a very small portion of red showing that there is no shadow clipping, but a little highlight clipping. Since it...
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6 Apr

Drone Photography Post-Production Basics

Turn your drone shots into stunning professional landscape photos. Highlights, saturation, and exposure all play a major role in transforming a standard photo into an photo with a wow-factor. Here's how to do it in Adobe Lightroom. We take a very standard aerial image of the cityscape of San Francisco. The first aspect of the photo that we want to immediately address is the crooked horizon line. We use the Crop Overlay tool to bring up the gridlines and straighten the horizon line. Now we can shift our focus to color correction. We ideally want to increase the Temperature of the photo since we are shooting for a summertime feel. We then increase the Exposure to bring out the natural colors and lighten the overall image for...
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20 Aug

Video Editing 101

There's a lot more that goes into editing video than editing still photographs. You have to consider which editing software to use, how to transfer clips from your camera to your computer and how to cut and combine those clips to create a final story. It can be an overwhelming process, but with a little patience and practice, you too can become a pro. First, it’s important to consider the basics. Welcome to Video Editing 101! Choosing Your Software Although all Macs come with the free video editing software, iMovie, something more advanced is usually preferable. Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere are both professional video editing programs that are fairly easy to use, but will cost you about $19.99 a...
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26 Feb

Shoot RAW Photos on Your Android with Adobe’s Lightroom App

Adobe Lighroom app for Android
It’s one of the biggest clashes of our time, one that pits families against one another with stalwart and staunch supporters on both ends of the spectrum, many of whom blindly worship their choice as the be-all-and-end-all. No, I’m not talking about the Kanye West and Taylor Swift feud. I’m talking about the great smartphone debate: iPhone vs. Android. Passionate and devoted individuals in both camps are quick to spatter out a laundry list of reasons why their smartphone is the one and only choice. While Apple’s utter dominance has made iPhones arguably the more ubiquitous smartphone choice, a certain capability of Android phones, powered by apps like Lollipop and Adobe’s latest update for Lightroom, gives Android users another bullet point...
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9 Sep

Goodbye Photobombs: New Software Detects Distracting Elements in Images… and Removes Them

Photobombs are unavoidable. Sometimes it’s a random passerby furiously ducking out of the way or a dog jumping in front of the camera trying to get in the shot. To help get rid of annoying distractions after a photo has been taken, scientists from Adobe and Princeton University created a platform that automatically removes stray elements in photos. Defusing Photobombs with Algorithms The first obstacle that developers had to overcome was teaching the platform to detect the right elements for removal. To achieve this, algorithms scan the unedited sample for inconsistencies, such as a change in tone or lighting. Naturally, the complex method is very meticulous. With hopes to increase success rates, scientists went through roughly 1,073 images from Amazon's Mechanical Turk system to better...
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13 Aug

Are tech companies accelerating the move towards a perfect work-life balance?

The work-life balance, or the harmonization between someone's professional life and personal life, has been difficult to attain in recent years. According to a 2007 study done by Harvard and McGill University researchers, U.S. companies came up short when it comes to attaining a work-life balance. 65 countries had benefits such as paid parental leave for fathers (31 offered 14 weeks of paid leave or more); 107 countries allowed women to breastfeed at work (73 have paid breaks); 145 countries provided paid sick days (127 providing more than a week annually); and 134 countries had a set maximum work week. The United States was not amongst any of these countries. However, change is coming. While these changes aren't government-mandated, individual companies...
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