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18 Sep

How to Stand out on Social Media

There is an overwhelming amount of artists in the world of social media. It might seem absurd to believe that you have a chance to stand out in such an impossibly large crowd. Yet time and time again, new artists emerge out of the endless online cacophony and stun thousands of people. These individuals use neither magical powers nor inaccessible tricks; many of them simply apply their knowledge of social media to their virtual lives, creating irresistible and successful online worlds. Standing out on social media is a skill anyone can learn. All you need is patience, persistence, and a desire to absorb valuable information. Since most of us want to be heard and understood in a way that will influence...
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9 Sep

Tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide to Photographing Lightning

Jorge Coromina is an editor, translator, and passionate shutterbug. You can keep up with his work on 500px or by following him on Twitter. Thunderstorms are fascinating; especially the display of roaring lightning bolts that light up the sky. That fascination, though, is quite hard to capture in photography. In this tutorial, I’d like to share my views and experience in chasing T-storms and trying to photograph lightning. But before we get down to business, it’s important to remind you of the unpredictability of lightning bolts as they strike down. You should remain in a safe location, well sheltered from those deadly discharges and the pouring rain. Your valuable gear should also be protected. Storm by Jorge Coromina on 500px Gear I use my Canon...
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14 Apr

How to Turn Your Landscapes Into Dreamy Impressionist Images

Meet Matt Molloy, a photography enthusiast and budding professional in Canada. You might've seen some of his jaw-dropping Impressionist painting-inspired landscapes on 500px. So many people have asked us how to create this technique, so he's here to share it with us! Scroll down and learn some neat processing tricks with this Time Stack tutorial. Sunset Spectrum by Matt Molloy on 500px I've always been amazed by time-lapse photography and the unique perspective of time it gives you. Once I got into photography, it was a natural direction for me to go. The more I explored time-lapse photography, the more I realized how versatile it is. Whether it's the perfect shot (selected from several hundred photos of the same scene), enhanced details...
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7 Apr

5 Secrets Every Photographer Should Learn

I am often asked about the so-called “secrets” behind my photography work. Because I believe in sharing knowledge, I am unveiling some of the crucial moments I always consider during my creation process.   1. Gear, Motivation, and Imagination By gear, I don’t mean having the best camera and lens in the world. How many amazing photos do we see everyday with older or budget equipments? Knowing your equipment very well beats not having a hundred megapixel sensor. Ask yourself: Where are the dials? How and what do they perform? How can they be tweaked to give me the best performance? Which is the sweet spot of my lens? Knowing these sorts of things create a more comfortable and confident mood whenever I...
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