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Be honest, you were totally passing notes or snoozing behind your open textbook in science class. Let’s face it, if science isn’t being taught to us through the quirky, off-beat style of Bill Nye the Science Guy or Neil deGrasse Tyson’s magnetizing “Cosmos” series, chances are it’s just not getting through. Your next obsession that might actually teach you a scientific fact or two and join the esteemed ranks of Mr. Nye and Mr. Tyson is Symphony of Science, a web video series from John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep.

Combining his passions of science and music, Boswell’s video series aims to enlighten the public on scientific and philosophical concepts through the power and beautiful melodies of music. When we enjoy something and are engrossed in it, we tend to grant it more of our unwavering attention. That is exactly what Boswell is counting on with Symphony of Science – people coming for the music, but staying for the science.

Boswell remixes scientific lectures, presentations and documentaries with captivating musical scores to appeal to the science shy and hardcore nerds alike. Since the series launched in 2009, Symphony of Science has produced numerous videos and spawned a collection of compilations albums, proving that science can in fact sell. Boswell himself boasts talents as a musician, videographer and remix artist. Science was merely nothing more than a personal interest he merged with his skillset to create a popular and enduring video series (his YouTube page has nearly 80 million views).

Whether you’re a bookworm who can’t accumulate enough scientific knowledge, someone curious about science and wanting an accessible and light-hearted entryway into the field or a lover of great music, Symphony of Science plays to the beat of those drums, and so many more. Because if the 50 Shades of Gray movie taught us anything, it’s that a great score and soundtrack can be the saving grace of something many find interminably boring.

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