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Mobile calendars are essential for life on the fast lane. Unfortunately, such apps are far from perfect. Endless switching between messages and a digital calendar often results in lost, garbled information.

The latest Sunrise app update offers a simple solution to this issue. A third-party keyboard feature called Meet now lets you open your virtual schedule board without changing screens.

Below covers how the app works and why it deserves to be in your arsenal of daily productivity tools.

Scheduling at Your Fingertips

Sunrise’s Meet is refreshing because it works. Through an accessible tab on the keyboard, users can plot new entries and view their commitments within the same window. When activated, the interface morphs into a calendar. From the new screen, individuals have the ability to add new events by tapping on a preferred time slot.

The app supports both Android and iOS platforms. This marks the first third-party keyboard with direct scheduling functionality for handheld devices.

Sunrise calendar app Meet location screen

It Feels Natural

The Sunrise keyboard doesn’t include pop-up instructions the first time you open it. A white, minimal background makes the app look very inviting and familiar. Each component on the screen has a purpose. Vertical scrolling opens all the time slots available for the day, while swiping the top column left and right allows users to pick dates quickly.

A menu on the left side of the app offers essential customization for entries. Preset durations are available to streamline the plotting process. Setting a period not found in the options can be done using the convenient time wheel. Through the default menu, individuals may also select specific calendars for adding and viewing.

Sunrise calendar app RSVP

Sharing and RSVP

Sharing an entry is just as easy as creating one. From the keyboard, a link is generated with the new listing, which pops up in the messaging app. This is extremely useful for confirming meetings.

Tapping on the link takes whoever is on the other end to a new reservation page, where one chooses to approve the request. If the person is using the Sunrise app, the entry automatically appears in their mobile calendar. For browsers, entering an email address in the empty field will send a friendly reminder directly to the receiver’s inbox.

Managing Your Life in the Background

Pierre Valade, co-founder of Sunrise, has big plans for the app. Instead of an attention-hungry smartphone tool, he thinks calendars should manage one’s daily activities passively. Valade’s vision and passion has set a new direction for Sunrise- a path that no other scheduling platform seems to be on.

Since Microsoft acquired the company, the in-house team has doubled its efforts to provide a unique and innovative product. “We have more freedom to experiment because we’re not Outlook,” said Valade. “There are different expectations for a legacy brand than what we have. We can be more aggressive about pushing ideas.”

Overall, the Sunrise calendar app is certainly worth keeping in your smartphone. It’s flexible, edgy and the company is keen on delivering never-before-seen features that can help you uncover pockets of free time in your busy schedule.

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