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Everyone wants to use solar energy, but no one wants to buy panels. If the $10,000 investment is stopping you from harnessing the sun’s natural power, check out the SunPort adapter.

“For solar to truly thrive, everyone needs to use it. However, many people either do not own their roofs or still cannot afford to purchase systems. Things like zero-down solar PPAs are helping that, but today most people are simply locked out of participating in solar energy,” said Paul Droege inventor of the SunPort. “The expense of solar panels and required ownership of a roof limit solar’s growth.”


Creating a Demand for Solar

The SunPort device is designed to help you consume solar energy using other people’s panels. Through the small adapter, you will have the option to use clean energy that is readily available from your city’s grid. Individuals can monitor their usage through the official app. Over time, the platform gathers stats on personal power consumption, which can help you make long-term adjustments to your lifestyle.



To start using the device, you’ll first have to purchase solar credits, or Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (S-RECs). One certificate is equivalent to one megawatt-hour of clean, solar energy from a panel to the grid. Well-known brands and institutions under the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Green Power Partner Program, such as Microsoft, Apple, Intel and the University of Pennsylvania, are consuming solar energy this way.

“Other industries such as telecommunications have packaged complex, costly technology as an accessible service for consumers,” highlighted Droege. “Similarly, by leveraging solar’s existing network of infrastructure, SunPort now brings a new level simplicity and affordability to the solar industry.”

For personal use, SunPort breaks down some of the S-RECs and sells them in smaller amounts called SunJoules microcredits. The offering makes it possible for small-time consumers to power their electronic devices around the home. Essentially, this is what you’ll be purchasing from SunPort. To give you a rough idea of the costs, $1-$2 of credits can power a laptop everyday for an entire month.

The company works with ReChoice, a nonprofit organization focused on expanding solar access, to acquire S-RECs and convert them into SunJoules. Every dollar that goes into the process is matched, and put into new solar panel projects for other nonprofits.


Free Solar Power Deal for Early Adopters

Early adopters interested in the device can get one from the SunPort Kickstarter page. The Early Bird special is currently sold out (no surprise here), but you can still get one for $49. Backers who order from the site will receive a year of free, unlimited solar upgrades. The highest tier is a 10-pack bundle for $419. Color choices for the adapter include: yellow, green, pink and blue.

For developers who want to participate in the design of the portable app (iOS and Android), there’s the SunPort Dev Club package. A pledge of $129 is required to join the group, which comes with an early beta release and official shirts for the program.

Estimated delivery period for the orders is March 2016.

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