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So, you’ve got a fitness tracker and you’re meticulously working on your fitness and monitoring the data your handy wearable provides you – great! But wouldn’t it be even better if something tangible could come from all this fitness data you’re collecting? That’s where Styr Labs comes in! By focusing on the key metric of nutrition, which many wearables and fitness trackers omit in their analytics, Styr Labs has developed a method of converting the information and data from wearable fitness devices into personalized nutritional supplements. Ensuring that what you eat is good for you is just as important to overall fitness, and Styr Labs is on a mission to literally supplement that lack of focus on nutrition in the fitness tech world.

Utilizing the body composition and tracking data from wearables, fitness trackers and a wireless scale, Styr Labs can develop and deliver protein blends and multivitamin regimens right to your doorstep. This data is cross-referenced in a database that contains more than 250,000 scientific studies in order to offer nutritional advice that is specialized to your fitness goals, body type and metabolism. As of now, Styr Labs’s technique can convert the fitness data and metrics from any Jawbone or Fitbit device into personalized nutritional supplements, and is compatible with a myriad of fitness-related apps such as Strava.

Styr Labs activity band

Styr Labs supplements are U.S.-made from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and can be dissolved in both water and juice for consumption. You can even request supplements based on your dietary needs and restrictions, with vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan and Paleo options among some of those available. Manage and track delivery of your supplements through Styr Labs’s companion app, which will record and learn from your fitness data in order to make changes to your supplements over time and offer updated recommendations on the types of nutrients and supplements your body needs at a given point in time.

Styr also developed their very own fitness tracker – which can be worn around your wrist or clipped onto your person – to complement this process, one that features a touchscreen display and monitors calories, steps and distance. Meanwhile, their wireless scale calculates weight, muscle mass, fat percentage and water content. Those interested in getting a hand on some of Styr’s supplements have two options available to them now: the multivitamin kit ($68) which includes Styr’s activity tracker and 15 vitamin packets, or the protein starter kit ($78) which includes the wireless scale and two protein packets. Nutrition has never been this easy!

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