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The days of the struggling band-on-the-run may be over. Well, at least they may be able to make more money with the recent news that BandPage, a platform where over 500,000 musicians sell merchandise, connect with fans and has raised 27.6M to date, is partnering with StubHub, the world’s biggest online ticket marketplace. Is this a great marriage for everyone? Who will truly benefit? Let’s examine this venture and see what lies ahead for the music industry.


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The partnership will combine offers, like meet and greets, from musicians’ BandPage profiles into StubHub, giving musicians a better platform to sell merchandise and other special offers directly to the online ticket marketplace’s 15M visitors. Bands like Switchfoot and George Clinton, will help launch the partnership, which will allow them to directly generate serious cash on the ticket marketplace and reach millions of fans with VIP offers, merch, and other significant deals.

BandPage finds that online marketplaces typically have conversion rates that are as much as five times higher than what most artists see in their own online stores. Yes, five times. Meaning fans have specific plans when they visit an online ticket platform – to buy. And with this new partnership – buy they will.


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J Sider, BandPage CEO, states that his company’s goal is to generate billions of dollars of new revenue for musicians, so the next time artists are adding offers to their website, they should make sure that they add the offers to their BandPage so that the deals can be distributed to incredibly impactful places like StubHub.”

Bruce Flohr, Switchfoot’s manager, stated in a recent press release that fans who purchase tickets are usually some of the most loyal ones out there and being able to give them a better experience with merchandise or special offers not only increases sales for the musicians but it also improves overall ticket purchasing for the customers. More pros to break down:

  • StubHub will show fans items for sale in musicians’ BandPage Stores as they proceed to the checkout.
  • Musicians can control their profile picture, bio and more directly from their BandPage Profile.
  • StubHub will reach musicians’ biggest fans directly through email with targeted offers.
  • BandPage will give musicians freedom to curate their profiles across StubHub, including StubHub Music, a new mobile concert app for iOS that scans fans iTunes and Spotify libraries to alert them when their favorite artists are coming to town.


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