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The most versatile hands-free smartphone accessory is finally here. For the busy minimalist, the ExtraVerso cover provides consistent, functional support for everyday tasks.

Unlike bendable arms and swivel mounts, the essential accessory doesn’t use extensions to keep your handheld device upright. You probably won’t even know a phone is equipped with the case until you see it in action.

ExtraVerso case being used while applying make up

Superior Stickiness on Common Surfaces

The Italian-made mobile cover uses special 3M adhesive that sticks to non-porous surfaces (glass, mirrors, polished plastic, tiles, whiteboards, metal, marble and computer screens). The material feels very smooth and wont stick to your hands. It is possible to remove the cover as many times as needed, letting you use other cases throughout the day. Switching covers will not leave a residue on your precious handheld device (it doesn’t attract dust).

When applied to ideal surfaces, mobile devices can stay on for hours at a time. For walls with rough textures, it is recommended to test the area before fully committing to the stick by applying pressure on the smartphone. If it shows signs of slipping, you’ll need to try a different surface.

Optional Bumper

A lateral bumper, which is also provided with the accessory, serves as additional protection from light shock or sudden drops. Both components (the sticky cover and the bumper) only adds 1.5mm of thickness to your device.

The accessory supports the following smartphones: Apple iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6.

What Can I Do with This Case?

If you’re into cooking, you can stick your smartphone on the wall while stirring the pot. Taking a selfie with the gravity-defying cover would allow you to express yourself with both hands (say goodbye to the selfie stick). The piece could also help you avoid car accidents. Following a digital map is much safer with your mobile device on the windshield, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

“The UBER Edition of the ExtraVerso cover has been companion for several months now, and I enjoy it every day a little more,” said Elena Lavezzi, Marketing Manager UBER Italy.

ExtraVerso case in car

Solid Colors and Customized Cases

You can order the cover online from the company’s Indiegogo page. The early bird package starts at $20 per piece (very limited). When that runs out, your next option is the $30 perk, which covers one solid color case (Pure White, Full black, Blue sea, or Turquoise sea).

There are also cases with designs for those who are looking for something unique and upbeat. For $35, you can choose from the following designs: Happiness, Mercury, Sunny Umbrellas, or Acrylic. Lastly, the fully customizable cover package costs $45. Getting this one would allow you to add a photo, life quote or any personal design to the smartphone accessory.

The bundle offers are priced competitively, so the more you buy the better deal you’ll receive. A Family Pack includes five solid color or design cases for $125 (comes out to $25 per case). The Custom Pack comes with five customized covers and costs $175.

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