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A lot of nifty gadgets and gizmos made their debut recently at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, but no wearable was as eye-catching as the Halo smart bracelet, a collaboration between Chinese safety company Eachpal and Scandinavian studio Jacob Jensen Design. The seriously minimalist and chic smart bracelet is designed with some pretty cool safety features in mind, complete with a streamlined, attractive aesthetic that really sells the wearable device as a piece of jewelry.

Compatible with Bluetooth, the Halo smart bracelet is designed to automatically deliver an SOS direct message with three taps to the bracelet or shakes of the wrist. When the digital message in a bottle has been sent, the device will connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth and immediately start recording audio. The Halo app enables you to set up an emergency contact that the distress call will be delivered to, along with the ability to activate different functions such as opening apps, answering calls or taking photos on your phone.


Halo users can set up to five different gestures that will correspond with different functions the flashy wearable can perform. Most of the hand gestures, such as waving or shaking your wrist are devoted to these other functions, while the triple tap maneuver is specifically designed to trigger the distress alert. By having a device on one’s wrist that can instantly send a message for help and record the audio of any potential dangerous situation, Halo is set up to be a quicker and more efficient alternative than fumbling and reaching for your phone in times of duress.

On the design front, the device can triple as a bracelet, necklace and brooch by removing the module from the bangle. Customizable covers also offer a plethora of different accessorizing options so your Halo can be mixed and matched to complement every look in your wardrobe. If you’re not sold yet, then it’s only past time I mention the four-week battery life, wireless charging and completely waterproof design. Expected to be released sometime in the first half of 2016, the Halo will run for a price around $200, which isn’t too shabby when you realize you’re getting a wearable, digital distress signal and three types of jewelry all in one tidy package.

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