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There was a tiny film released at the tail-end of last year that got a few people excited – the seventh installment of some franchise called Star Wars. Anyway, some folks got all up in arms about what the movie would look like before its release and decided to deploy drones at the filming locations of The Force Awakens to capture any fleeting images of a Wookie’s paw or that mystical black Stormtrooper. Those drone equipped Star Wars fans without an iota of chill or patience are back at it again, trying to snap photos of the filming of the epic space saga’s eight installment, which is currently in production. Except this time, the Rebel Base is fighting back!

In efforts to safeguard all the secrets, characters and twisty plot revelations for the next film, the production team for Episode VIII is launching their own fleet of drones to take down the pesky Empire’s arsenal. Currently, the film has set up shop in Dubrovnik, Croatia, a popular tourist attraction where nosy and wandering eyes are aplenty. Above the location where filming is taking place, a team of remote-controlled drones is patrolling and surveying the area, equipped to target and take out any intruding drone that attempts to infiltrate the holy airspace of Star Wars and snap paparazzi photos.

In addition to 600 guards on location that are taking up the fight to protect the secrets of the Force, MosCroatia reports that there’s “a special team with drones that will remove the uninvited drones so that no recording can be conducted by the public.” Being the most popular film franchise in the world doesn’t come without a cost, apparently. How fitting though is it that a franchise about an intergalactic war is waging its own here on Earth through the latest buzzy gizmo of our times: drones. While this riveting drama won’t be played out on IMAX screens for us to obsess over, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on all those secrets come December 15, 2017.

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