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Like a breath of fresh air, we are nearing the impending arrival of another brand spanking new set of emojis. The Unicode Consortium Technical Committee, the bigwigs responsible for standardizing how symbols become encoded in text, have approved a whopping 72 new emojis for our joyous use. It’s been a long road for these emojis to see fruition – they were submitted for approval back in 2015, and will finally see the light of day sometime in June when the next iOS update annoyingly invades our phones with a red notification bubble. Still, there’s a good chance half of these emojis you’ll never use. To help prepare you for which have the most potential for ubiquitous, widespread use, let’s highlight the 25 most exciting emoji prospects. Below is the cream of the new emoji crop:

25. First Place Medal

First Place Medal Emoji

This is a cute, semi-useful sports emoji that can be used as a much more approachable and not-at-all-outdated way of saying #winning.

24. Pancakes

Pancake Emoji

A rare breakfast food emoji that not only looks delicious, but can be paired with a champagne glass to signify brunch. Slight bonus points for the oozing syrup, which could be embraced as a new sexting staple.

23. Black Heart

Black Heart Emoji

Great for conveying how dead you are inside, or your cold, cruel intentions.

22. Wilted Flower

Wilted Flower Emoji

A great way to metaphorically convey sickness, fatigue or a hangover. The wilted flower should accurately describe the morning after a late night out feeling.

21. Left Facing Fist

Left Fist Emoji

This one makes the list unlike it’s right handed counterpoint for the simple fact that having the emoji face to the left makes it appear more like you’re actually punching someone. Or fist-bumping them if you’re less hostile.

20. Bacon

Bacon Emoji

Who doesn’t love bacon? Sorry not sorry, vegans.

19. Fencer

If you’re trying to start a confrontation, this guy is armed and ready to convey your intention. #EnGarde

18. Tuxedo Man

Tuxedo Man Emoji

For the dapper gentlemen who wants to embrace the classier things in life. Also great for using when recapping The Bachelor.

17. Croissant

The croissant emoji makes this list for literally one reason, and one reason alone: Kanye West’s epic “Hurry up with my damn croissants!” lyric from “I Am a God.”

16. Prince

Similar to the tuxedo man, this is a gender extension emoji for all the fellas that want to impress upon people that they are royalty #KingBey

15. Sneezing Face

Sneezing Face Emoji

A much less intense way of conveying you’ve got the cold or flu, but don’t want to look like you’re hospital-ridden or have a head concussion from the other available sick looking emojis.

14. Tumbler Glass

Tumbler Emoji

A sophisticated way of conveying you’re going to get shit-faced.

13. Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed Emoji

A less religious way of conveying hopefulness or wishful thinking. Basically for the atheists out there.

12. Dancing Man

Dancing Man Emoji

Not as effortless looking as the Dancing Woman, but still another welcome gender extension emoji for guys who want to get their boogie nights on.

11. Person Doing a Cartwheel

Cartwheel Emoji

The best emojis are deployed outside of their inherent wheelhouse in order to convey emotion – this guy is pitch perfect for showcasing jubilation and excitement.

10. Drooling Face

Drooling Face Emoji

Can be used to convey extreme famine, the side effects of looking at food porn, or being caught off guard by a thirst trap.

9. Clinking Glasses

Clinking Glass Emoji

Dually representative of the action of giving cheers and the seminal 80s sitcom.

8. Pregnant Woman

Pregnant Woman Emoji

Yes, this will undoubtedly get overplayed as a way of cutely announcing someone’s got a bun in her oven. But more importantly, this is a highly useful means of conveying that the bun in the oven is actually a burrito #FoodBaby

7. Baguette

Baguette Emoji

There are several new phallic food emojis (carrot, cucumber) that could join the eggplant in the pantheon of representing a penis, but none is as girthy or actually delicious as a baguette.

6. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros Emoji

I mean, do I have to spell it out? Just look at that horn! You’re gonna get this one in so many Tinder messages. #DTF

5. Nauseous Face

Nauseous Face Emoji

Did you overeat? Use the nauseous face. Are you sick to your stomach? Use the nauseous face. Are you disgusted with your idiot friend? Use the nauseous face. The possibilities are endless.

4. Face Palm

Face Palm Emoji

Because we all have those slow moments.

3. Shrug Girl

Shrug Girl Emoji

Much more effective way of conveying “IDK!” Expect quick adoption among the apathetic, uninitiated and lackadaisical.

2. Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji

This takes the Crying Tears of Laughter Face to its next logical evolution. It’s simple, it’s effective, it’s surprising this emoji doesn’t already exist.

1. Selfie

Selife Emoji

This is almost like meta commentary on the culture that birthed emojis. It’s so obnoxious in its self-awareness and cultural encapsulation that it transcends criticism. In essence, it’s the emoji to end all emojis.

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