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In a stunning feat of marketing savvy, Beck’s beer has launched a special, novelty product that has not only got people talking about their brew, but is primed to intrigue and delight millennials far and wide. As a daft ploy to get consumers invested in their beer, Beck’s has created a special edition of their beer that is equipped with what they’re calling a “CapCam.” This “CapCam” is a 360-degree smartphone lens built into the bottle’s cap. Simply pop off the cap, attach the lens to your smartphone, pour yourself a Beck’s beer and get to shooting all that ensues.


Created by ad agency BBDO Duesseldorf, the “CapCam” is meant to “provide an all-around view of those typical Beck’s moments shared with close friends.” Those “all-around” moments are meant to convey the 360-degree capabilities of the lens embedded in special bottle caps of Beck’s beer, something most smartphone cameras are unable to achieve on their own. So, you know, beer plus a smartphone upgrade is pretty much a win-win situation. The “CapCam” unfortunately isn’t available in retailers to the general public, but only as a special giveaway through Facebook. Check out Beck’s Facebook page to try to become a lucky owner of the “CapCam” and, as always, stay thirsty my friends.

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