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Sounding like something born straight out of a spy flick, the Space Case 1 luggage line offers such significant hi-tech features such as biometric security and cellular-enabled tracking that even 007 would be jealous – Bond, James Bond that is. Planet Traveler, the company behind the Space Case 1 luggage, is currently introducing the premium line now on Kickstarter, with pre-orders and special deals starting at $199.


The Visionary Behind Space Case 1

The smart man behind the smart suitcase is Planet Traveler’s CEO Harry Shiekh. Born into a successful family luggage business combined with a passion for innovative technology and mechanical design, Harry Shiekh was intent on leading the luggage industry into the 21st Century. He recently stated Planet Traveler’s vision around the line, “We have actually been working on the Space Case 1 for over four years, and believe we have finally perfected the integration of tech into our beautifully designed luggage. We didn’t set out to just design a smart suitcase. Our goal was to be the first to offer a full line of attractive smart luggage.”


What Makes Space Case 1 Different Than Other Smart Luggage?

 The concept of smart bags and luggage isn’t new. Big luggage companies and small start-ups are stampeding their way into this hi-tech market. Samsonite is currently developing the GeoTrakR line of suitcases containing a cellular-enabled baggage-tracking system. Crowdfunding start-ups, such as Bluesmart, are also competing with campaigns to develop the latest smart travel bag. With 2M raised so far, Bluesmart is designing a carry-on bag containing location tracking, Bluetooth lock, USB battery charge, and a trip data app.

Even with all of this competition, the Space Case 1 brand is currently looking like the first full-line, beautifully designed, and technologically comprehensive smart luggage to date and here’s why:

 Space Case 1 Tech Specs:

  • Smartphone app (IOS, Android) offers full remote control, monitoring, plus data storage and tracking. A planned Smartwatch interface is also in the works.
  • Biometric fingerprint locking provides security access for up to 5 travelers.
  • Free worldwide GPS tracking of each case.
  • Digital scale integrated into the wheels to constantly monitor your case’s weight.
  • Bluetooth speaker and integrated microphone plays music from your digital music library, as well as hands-free phone capability.
  • Anti-theft Proximity Security.
  • Dual USB external charging ports (and a third in the laptop compartment of the carry-on version) linked to a 12amp lithium Ion power bank. Enough power to charge an iPhone over 7 times.
  • 10 Year Warranty and a 24/7 hotline will overnight replacement parts worldwide, no questions asked.
  • Personal Concierge service.
  • The Space Case 1 line of smart luggage offers both a carry-on (19.5/49.5cm) and check-in sized (29/73.6cm) suitcases in an assortment of beautiful textures, bold colors, and interesting patterns.

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