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Upon arriving to the Church St, temporary home for the Sorted Food team, we were greeted with a powerfully delicious aroma and atmosphere that only warm food and good company can provide—a sense of being home. Upon taking off our coats and taking a few sips of wine from Paso Robles, we jumped headfirst into discussions on the best places to eat in San Francisco, expanding to other states and even Asia and Africa, which they are considering for future tours.


The ordinary-guys-turned-international-cooking-darlings are currently on their #lostandhungry tour across the States where they are allowed to eat only what they are recommended from their audience. The journey so far has introduced them to a diverse array of fare (both good and bad) in CA, and had them take on a number of challenges including running a restaurant in LA and serving free ice cream to hoards of people in SF.


For our meal, chef Ben prepared an undeniably tasty clam chowder with grilled cheese sourdough sandwiches and a chocolate cake dessert with crème fraiche ice cream from Humphry Slocombe (naturally). Discussion ebbed and flowed but always came back creating a conversation, an appreciation, a life around food. We were lucky to be able to step into one night of their expedition to educate the masses on the power it holds, and I was personally convinced that preparing a meal can be done by even the most unskilled of chefs, such as myself.









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