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Is there a part of your house that’s lacking both light and music? Maybe the speakers in your room are taking up too much space. When sacrificing music-playing capabilities is not an option, you need the Sony smart light bulb.

Kitchen Sony light bulb speakers

Changing the Way You Listen to Music

The Sony LSPX-100E26J has the power to transform an ordinary, lifeless room with music and quality lighting. For minimalistic, modern themes, the smart blub serves dual purposes that are essential to influencing the overall mood in a room. Without bulky speakers around, individuals have more space for furniture and accessories. The bulb is roughly the same shape and size as a traditional LED light found in most homes or offices.

Furthermore, some areas of a house are simply not made for messy wirings. Bathrooms, closets and garages are rooms that would do well with one of these bulbs. Students staying in cramped dorms, where there’s only enough space for basic items, could also benefit from the device.

Bluetooth and Easy Installation

Built-in NFC and Bluetooth capabilities allow individuals to connect to the light bulb speaker with ease. Using “optical lens glove” technology, the light from the 360-lumen bulb remains whole and sharp, even with the speakers on full blast. The light uses seven watts of energy, while the speaker consumes two watts.

Installing the bulb takes less than a few minutes. The device comes with a standard E26 cap screw fitting, which is the same setting for most ceilings, lamps and light fixtures.


Sony light bulb speakers close up

Stream Music from Your Smartphone

Users have full control of the bulb’s musical features through a dedicated app. In addition to playing music, you can also fiddle with the EQ settings, as well as the volume. The app also acts as a wireless remote for the light. A few taps from the connected device is all it takes to put the bulb on sleep mode. A range of brightness options is accessible and can be set depending on one’s personal preferences. The remote app supports both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Handy Remote Control Support

In case you don’t have your smartphone with you, the kit also comes with its own remote control. The circular tool generally has the same functions as the app. It is powered using a small, lithium battery. During times of emergency, the tangible remote serves as a back up when you’re talking to someone on your mobile device and can’t access the app immediately, or while you’re charging your phone.

Sony light bulb speakers

Where Can I Buy This?

The smart light bulb is currently available in Japan for $200. An official US release has yet to be announced. Users who would like to get their hands on the product now can order the piece online.

Sony’s take on a Bluetooth bulb with music-playing features is certainly not the first in the market. TPCromeer, Propel, and Sengled all offer similar devices at slightly lower prices. However, the tech company’s offering is the most unique and complete in terms of design.

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