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By now, you’ve heard of  – even if you don’t know it. They’re everywhere, from popping up in your daily news feed to a much publicized collaboration with Apple Music. There’s a good reason Sonos is getting all of this attention – the speakers are widely regarded as some of the best on the market. With their crystal-clear HiFi sound, deep bass and customizable sizes, Sonos speakers are a far cry from what you’re probably used to when it comes to sound systems.

The collaboration with Apple Music is notable, as Sonos speakers have full access to Apple Music’s streaming library. To stream Apple Music through Sonos, simply select “Add Music Services” in the app, scroll down to the Apple Music icon and login. From there, you can connect your Sonos speakers to get some truly crisp and booming sound from Apple Music’s quality music library. Sonos Wireless Speakers were created to be docked around your home, giving you the ability to stream music in one speaker or a system of them to create your own personal surround sound setup.

Arguably, most important, Sonos speakers could help you get lucky. The company recently conducted a survey of 4,000 people and found that couples who listened to music had sex an average of 2.7 times higher than couples who didn’t. The survey also found that couples said “I love you” more often when they listened to music, in large part due to hearing sultry or romantic songs. If for no other reason than to improve your love life, Sonos Wireless Speakers are the best choice to spice up your home, and your bedroom!

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