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We could all use a helping hand every now and then – the buddy system is a thing for a reason, after all. This rings especially true for photographers who want to take shots of themselves or execute shots without having to actually be behind a camera. Self-timers are helpful, but they can be pesky and hard to predict. A better solution is SoloShot 2, a robotic device that positions snugly between a camera and tripod that will automatically tilt and pan the camera to not only capture the action, but to follow it in order to achieve autonomous video recording so you’ll get every shot you want.

Consisting of a base and waterproof transmitter known as the tag, SoloShot 2 is mounted onto a tripod where the base will move to track the location of the transmitter which the photographer or subject wears in an armband strapped around their person. The transmitter contains a battery life of four hours, while the base has double the battery power. With a communications range of 2,000 feet, the base can completely pan 360-degrees in under five seconds and tilt the camera 150 degrees in four seconds. Users can choose SoloShot’s custom-made tripod to house the SoloShot 2, but the base is compatible with most third-party tripods as well as DSLRs and camcorders that weigh no more than five pounds.

The base also houses an accessory dock that allows users to plug in an optional camera control module in order to remotely stop and start recording or zoom in and out from their transmitter. Additionally, the lucky wearer of the transmitter can send highlight commands to the camera in order to easily find certain moments in the raw footage during the editing process. SoloShot 2 can track multiple transmitters, or inversely, multiple cameras equipped with SoloShot 2 can track a single transmitter. The starting retail price is $399, which isn’t bad when you consider the SoloShot 2 will greatly assist in helping you become your own solo videographer.

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