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Need a portable water solution for your camping trips?

The SOL Water bag is the latest survival tool that facilitates SODIS in outdoor environments. Previously, solar water disinfection was limited to large processing plants. The company took the basic steps of the highly complex process and consolidated it into a small, practical bag. Microscopic bacteria and viruses found in contaminated water are killed off when exposed to UV rays.

Under optimal conditions, the entire process takes roughly three hours.

In addition to camping, the unit could provide a consistent supply of drinkable water during disasters, such as floods, fires and earthquakes. The pack is also foldable and flat (when it’s not being used), making storage a breeze.


Things to Consider

There’s no doubt that the pouch is a great lifesaving tool. In dire situations, clean water can sometimes be the only thing holding you back from reaching your campsite. But there some precautions you should consider before using the bag.

First, it may not work well with extremely murky water. The effectiveness of the contraption relies on sunlight penetration, so any debris, including leaves, dirt or twigs, may hamper its natural disinfecting features.

According to the FAQ, it’s possible to test for cloudy water:

As long as all of the rays on the SOL symbol can be clearly distinguished through the water, then it is clear enough to work. If the water is too cloudy, some water can be let out to make the bag flatter until the rays on the SOL symbol can be distinguished, this ensures that an adequate amount of UV rays can penetrate clear through the water.

Next, it does not purify water. This means that pesticides, chemicals and other unnatural elements will still remain inside after the entire process. This isn’t actually too alarming, as manufactured drinks and store-bought fruits often contain traces of similar particles.

Without a meter or gauge bar, there’s no way to determine when it’s safe to drink the water. For accurate results, you’ll have to time the process.

Waterproof Capabilities

SOL Water is waterproof. You could use the pouch to keep your electronic devices dry, away from water and moisture. GPS beacons, smartphones and digital compasses are small enough to fit inside the bag. Documents, such as passports, hiking passes and licenses, are also suitable for the makeshift holder.


Kickstarter Ordering Information

Individuals interested in the solar container can order one from the company’s Kickstarter page. The Survivalist, which holds one liter of water, is priced at $3. For a complete portable solution, the Day Tripper offers a drinkable spout and a plastic holder attachment. It holds the same amount as the Survivalist and goes for $10.

The Backpacker is a large two-liter pouch, designed for hydration bags. This option costs $20 and is ideal for long expeditions. There are several packages that offer different combinations of the three options. Depending on your plans for the contraption, it might be worth choosing one that matches your outdoor lifestyle.

Estimated shipping date is scheduled for March 2016.

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