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Everyone knows that sleep is important.

For adults, rest is an insatiable craving that can’t be satisfied with afternoon naps. A well-implemented, consistent nighttime routine is required to benefit from the positive effects of sleep. Helping you achieve this long-term goal is the Snooz smart device.

Contradictorily, the machine does this by blasting noise to your ears.

Clouds of White Noise

The type of sound that Snooz generates is called white noise, or non-disruptive noise, such as radio static, fans and light rain. According to a 2008 Consumer Reports analysis survey, sound machines are notably effective for a full night’s rest compared to over-the-counter drugs.

“Designed with airflow simulations run on supercomputers, Snooz uses a proprietary fan to generate live, natural white noise that is adjustable and doesn’t disturb the surrounding air,” highlighted the campaign page on Kickstarter. “No looping tracks or low-quality speakers. Just the soothing sound of moving air.”

To start using the gadget, simply press the circular pad. Adjusting the volume is done through a press-and-turn motion. It is also possible to change the tone of the audio by twisting the cover. An auto-shutoff function ensures you only use the machine as long as you have to.

Basic controls are accessible through the official app that comes with the device. This means you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to adjust the settings.


No Loops, Pure Sound

Unlike other white noise generators, this one does not replicate sounds with fake loop recordings. There is a real, working fan inside the machine that spins and creates natural, soothing audio waves. It also doesn’t produce cold air like a regular fan. Instead, the device harnesses the sound and pushes it out so you can hear it before your ears lock in on distracting elements, such as cars passing by or the television in the other room.

Surprisingly, Snooz uses 98 percent less energy compared to a regular fan, allowing you to use it with confidence every night. Traveling with the device is recommended. The developers made the transportation process simple by including a cord wrap stub under the unit (it doesn’t run on batteries or solar energy). Standing at 2.5 inches tall, storage is vastly flexible to backpacks, strollers and small boxes.


Great for Babies

White noise has been proven to help babies get better sleep. To cater to both parents and their little ones, the company added a calibration feature in the mobile app. The option measures the sound level coming out of the machine and adjusts it to a baby-friendly volume that is pleasing to the ears. Best of all, the device promotes healthy sleep without medicine. With ample rest, the low-level sound may even help your newborn reach his or her milestones with ease.


Pre-ordering Information

Snooz is currently available on Kickstarter for $59. The company offers bundle packages for individuals who are interested in ordering more than one piece. Color options include Charcoal (dark gray) and Cloud (white).

Shipping for the pre-orders is scheduled for March 2016.

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