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Apparently, we’re all going to have to suck it up and deal with the fact that, for the foreseeable future, the dreaded selfie stick is here to stay. In some slightly positive news that dials down the obnoxiousness of selfie sticks by a solid point, Major League Baseball has created a cute, novelty selfie stick for baseball players called the SnapBat. Designed to resemble a baseball bat, the SnapBat is a kitschy little device that ties in with the MLB’s partnership with Snapchat to bring real-time shots from the players themselves during games.

The partnership between the MLB and Snapchat was forged in order to give baseball fanatics an inside look at the sport from the vantage point of the players, including all of the unseen, behind-the-scenes shenanigans like doping…allegedly! All 30 MLB teams will be using Snapchat, and hopefully the SnapBat, on Spring Training day to publish videos and photos of all the madness to their official Snapchat channels and accounts. Feeding into the MLB Snapchat Live Story, players will get spectators as close to the dugout as possible through the photos they publish.

This is the first time the MLB will allow players to use their smartphones from the bullpen and dugout in order to give fans an up close and personal look at what it’s like to be on the field. The SnapBat is merely a cute tie-in which players can employ in order to polish their selfie game, but don’t expect to see them use it when they’re up at bat on home plate. Snapchat’s new deal with the MLB extends to regular season games, as well as continued coverage of the all-star and World Series games. So next time someone comes running at you armed with a bat, they may just wanna take a selfie rather than knocking your lights out. Brace yourself at your own discretion.

The SnapBat

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