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A staple of any yoga practitioner, novice to body-bending master, is a yoga mat. But I guarantee you’ve never seen a yoga mat like SmartMat, the world’s first intelligent yoga mat designed to be your very own personal yoga teacher and take your skills and workout to the next level. SmartMat can detect when you’re out of alignment while striking your twisty poses and give you real-time feedback on how to course correct for a maximum burn. With SmartMat coaching you, you’ll come out of your next yoga session more zenned out than ever before.

Realizing that there’s no such thing as universality when it comes to yoga, SmartMat is designed to calibrate to its user by taking them through a series of movements in order to identify and become accustomed to their size, body shape and physical limitations. This “personal profile” information is stored in the SmartMat app and helps the mat identify when you’re out of alignment or balance, evolving over time to eventually improve your technique. The app monitors, tracks and stores your information and progress on your phone or tablet for instantaneous and easily accessible feedback and coaching. With six hours of battery life and Bluetooth connectivity, SmartMat is both long lasting and simple to use.


SmartMat comes equipped with three different settings tailored to the type of yoga workout you wish to perform. The In-Home Private mode allows you to choose from a selection of yoga classes located in the SmartMat app and follow along with these, receiving real-time adjustments on your posing. The In-Class Assist mode allows you to follow the clang of your own yoga gong, either at home or in a public yoga class. SmartMat will still give you real-time adjustments on balance and placement, either through audio or visually on your phone or tablet if you need to maintain silence during a public class. Finally, the Zen mode quietly records your yoga routine without any feedback so you can review and analyze it later.

For newbies, SmartMat is the perfect device to help get you acclimated and coach you to better form and technique. SmartMat provides detailed instructions on how to adjust and correct your pose. As you advance, SmartMat can train you in order to take your yoga technique to the next level. Additional yoga classes of varying difficulty levels can be purchased through the app in the SmartMat Marketplace in order to continue advancing and perfecting your technique. SmartMat can even be used in Hot Yoga classes – the electronic components can withstand sweat and heat up to 110 degrees. No matter your yoga capabilities, SmartMat is a boon for any and all yogis.

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