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If there’s one thing that plagues countless people, it’s unhealthy sleeping habits. No matter how many experiments, studies and pills claim to be the cure, this pervasive dilemma continues to wreak havoc on many. That might all change thanks to the Sleepman wearable. Multiple wearables boast some rudimentary functions and metrics when it comes to sleep, mostly just tracking it and maybe acting as an alarm to rouse you from your peaceful slumber – if you were lucky enough to get any, that is. However, the Sleepman wearable sets out to rehabilitate your sleeping habits, combat drowsiness and ensure you get the most out of your zzz’s.

Sleepman is being touted as “the first device to combine sleep-optimization and enhancement functions with daytime drowsiness prevention and concentration-loss alerts.” That’s quite a lot to claim for such a small device, but Sleepman has the tech and science to back it up. The wearable monitors electromagnetic biosignals that offer insight into a wearer’s activity patterns when they’re awake and asleep. Wearing the device will allow the built-in sensors to detect these biosignals and translate them through an Electro-Dermal Activity tracking algorithm in order to get a better understanding of your sleeping patterns and how the sleep you get affects your performance while you’re awake.


“We’ve been working on this for more than two years, always with the aim of improving people’s sleep,” Dr. Alexander Praskovsky, founder of Sleepman, said. “Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our wellbeing – and an essential element to staying healthy, happy and alert – but studies show that a majority of people suffer from some kind of sleeping problem, or not getting enough sleep. We hope that Sleepman can be a big part of making the world sleep better.” So, what exactly is the price they’ve placed on getting a good night’s sleep? A rather fair and affordable $99.

Fret not – there’s also a bevy of features packed into Sleepman. These include a biosmart alarm that monitors your brain activity to wake you up at an optimal time during your sleeping cycle. This is important because scientific studies have shown that it’s not so much the amount of sleep you get, but the pivotal moment within your sleep cycle that you awake, that causes you to feel tired or groggy. Other features include the power nap, which allows wearer’s to take a satisfying nap and wakes them right before they fall into deep sleep, and the doze-off alert, which warns drivers when they’re losing focus or might be too drowsy to safely drive. With Sleepman, you may never have to count sheep again.

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