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There’s no hard and fast rule governing that wearables have to be electronic in nature. The whole concept of a wearable is to have something on your person that provides you with an important function that you’d normally have to seek out elsewhere. For that matter, the wristwatch is, in fact, a wearable – which is probably why a lot of wearables have adopted this design and approach to infuse it with high-tech capabilities. But a wearable doesn’t have to be a gizmo filled to the brim with wires and code. Case in point: sled legs, the wearable snow sled.

Sled Legs is exactly what it sounds like – an attachable device that is secured to one’s legs that forms a makeshift sled allowing wearers to shred some serious snow. Health and fitness is a huge industry that many of the most popular wearables have tapped into, but most only monitor and track fitness. Sled Legs is of the idea that a wearable could help you actively achieve better fitness, and some winter fun while you’re at it. Sure, Sled Legs looks like a pair of bulky, obnoxiously big shin guards, and you most definitely won’t want to casually walk around and accessorize with this wearable. But for a nice winter vacay, walking around wearing your own sled, rather than having to drag one around, is a pretty cool upgrade.

Sled Legs

With a thermoformed ABS outer shell, rigid base and closed cell foam inner padding, Sled Legs enable wearers to sled to their hearts content while providing the necessary functionality of your typical sled that can stand up to slippery, snowy conditions. Sled Legs secures to one’s legs with adjustable straps that have multiple placement points allowing the wearable sled to fit to legs of any size or length. The bulky design may prove a bit cumbersome at first, but once wearers warm up and get the hang Sled Legs, the designers of the device say that you’ll be able to run with it strapped to your legs in order to get a super speedy start on sledding.

If a wearable sled sounds like something right up your alley and you don’t mind looking the opposite of leggy, you can head over to Sled Legs’s Indiegogo page and pledge $84 to reserve a pair for yourself (a discount of 40% from the expected retail price). Witness Sled Legs in action by watching the video below.

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