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Forget a window seat. For the best views while flying, nothing will eclipse Windspeed’s complete redesign for the future of first class seating. The aerospace engineering company is working with aircraft makers to create SkyDeck, a seating option that will let two first class passengers sit on top of the plane while being encased in a glass pod. This option is not for the faint of heart when it comes to air travel.

This outside-the-box and inside-the-glass-pod seating arrangement will give two passengers the chance to travel like never before, with a view only pilots of a plane have heretofore been able to see. Strike that. The SkyDeck would provide a full 360-degree view for passengers, besting that of the pilots themselves. Riding on top of a plane could be an exhilarating option for thrillseekers and adventurists alike.

Windspeed hopes to have the SkyDeck seating option available in updated, advanced aircrafts in the near future. The first class seating will be a mini cabin where two seats will rise up through a glass tube from inside the plane’s cabin onto the top of the plane’s fuselage. Once on the exterior of the plane, the seats and passengers strapped into them will be positioned inside an aerodynamic dome guaranteed to match the safety level of flying in any other part of the plane. Only in SkyDeck, you’ve got a spacious dome all to yourself free of annoying, messy or loud passengers reclining their seats back onto you and taking up your limited space.

The SkyDeck will come at a price to the rest of the plane. The dome and elevator that will carry the seats to the top of the plane’s fuselage from the interior will not only require extra space within the plane’s main cabin, but will pose a significant weight increase to the overall aircraft. This means that planes equipped with the SkyDeck seating option will have to do away with quite a number of seats on board in the main cabin to accommodate this innovative seating arrangement.

With some top-notch designs needed to ensure the safety of passengers who choose to fly in such a lavish fashion and the equipment required to build such a contraption, not to mention the gutting of seats from inside the cabin to even house this option, the SkyDeck will undoubtedly be quite an expensive seating option all things considered. After all, doing away with seats rather than adding them cuts into an airline’s profits significantly. Still, an airline that maybe wants to boast a hip new method of flying just might spring for the SkyDeck and place itself in a unique space among its competitors.

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