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Creating music can be a frustrating experience due to the technicalities involved. To make the process more fun and exciting, Skoog is introducing a musical instrument designed for all age groups.


What is Skoog iOS? 

Skoog iOS is a small cube that can be setup to play sound effects and instruments using software. The friendly controller responds to a wide range of touches. For example, lightly pressing the circular pads will trigger a soft audio response. Dragging your fingers on the side of the sensitive box creates a longer tone, while twisting the machine sets off similar effects.

“The Skoog is essentially every musical instrument in one small squeezable cube. At some point in their life everyone has wanted to make music – whether it be by the traditional route of learning an instrument, which can be hard, or by simply tapping a beat on a worktop. Being musical is in all of us in one form or other,” said Ben Schögler, Creative Director at Skoogmusic.

“To have something that gives a direct connection between movement and sound is exciting. Anyone can experience what it’s like to create music – whether you want to play electronic music, brass, string, woodwind, percussion, or record your own sounds.”

Users have the option to sync the device with their favorite songs via media library or streaming platform. Tuning is done automatically through the official app. The device comes with wireless capabilities via Bluetooth technology. Compatibility-wise, one should note that the controller does not work with iPhones and Android devices. It is designed to function with computers or laptops running OS X, and iPads (3rd and 4th generation, Air and Air 2; Mini, Mini 2 and Mini 3 on iOS 7 or 8).

Versatile Functionality

The learning curve for the musical device is very straightforward, making it an ideal toy for children. With robust out-of-the-box features, your kid can grasp the fundamentals of music theories just by interacting with the machine.

For experienced musicians, the unit functions as a controller. Just like a midi pad, you could assign different synths, instruments and beats to the sensors. The unorthodox design (most professional midi controllers are square and flat like a sound board) is a great feature that helps artists produce organic tunes.

For individuals with special needs (Inclusion, PMLD, Autism, Visual Impairment, Cerebral Palsy and etc.), the Skoog iOS serves as an effective educational tool. The instrument’s highly reactive features push the boundaries of interaction. Teachers have the option to switch instruments in real-time and even record their patient’s creations directly from the software. S3

Pre-ordering on Indieogo

The modern musical instrument is available on Indiegogo for $310 (comes with Skoog 2.0 USB/Bluetooth LE Interface and the Skoogmusic App for iOS).

Those who are interested in purchasing several units should check out the Multibuy 10 Skoog pack. The option, which is ideal for schools, clinics and large families cost $2,800 and includes 10 Skoog iOS devices from the standard tier and a special software bundle.

Shipping for all pre-orders on the crowdfunding site is scheduled for September 2015.

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