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15 May

Silicon Valley Fashion Week?

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It’s clear that Silicon Valley is no fashion capital, but it does boast its own idiosyncratic flair, which was prominently displayed at the first Silicon Valley Fashion Week? (Yes, that question mark should be there).

The 3-day affair kicked off on Tuesday with “the world’s first e-bike rally” to the show with Genze’s motor-powered bikes that allow for pedaling, but is not necessary. (Think: coast to work sweat free, then get your cardio on climbing hills back home). The group rode straight up to BetaBrand, parked and then crossed the street to The Chapel for the show itself where a line of people waited, anticipating the fabulous geekwear they were about to encounter and insatiably lust over.

Undeniably nerdy, the catwalk, flanked by press on both sides, featured smart biking apparel, drones to showcase apparel, robots, 3D printed accessories, LEDS, fiber optic clothing, charging bags, and just lots of shiny, shiny shit.

Day 1: Electric Motion













Day 2: Wearable Tech




























Day 3: Crowdfunded Fashion

Photos: Salt
Video 1: Boonsri Dickinson
Video 2: Jay Nguyen

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