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The BuzzFeed Try Guys are back at it again! This time, everyone’s favorite BF crew got transformed with the help of PhotoShop to become some of the most infamous editing fails in recent pop culture lore. The Try Guys did a previous video where they were PhotoShopped to look like their ideal version of themselves, but this time around it’s a little different since they’re being ‘shopped in the image of women. And badly, to say the least.

Women in media are subject to a long history of over-editing at the hands of retouchers, and sometimes (most of the time) it’s not remotely subtle or even physically possible. From overuse of the liquify tool to frightening doll-like, pore-less and wrinkle-less faces, biology defying curves and even missing butt cheeks — the Try Guys really get to try it all. Take a peek below to see their ridiculous transformations:

shop 1

shop 2

shop 3

shop 4


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