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We’ve all been there before. You’re heading out your door to start your morning commute, ready to muffle out the sounds of early morning and the surrounding world with your carefully curated playlist. You go to plug in those earphones in order to drown out the reality happening around you, and then suddenly, catastrophe strikes. You’re faced with a tangled knot of wires, a daunting jigsaw puzzle that requires way too much dexterity and grip that early in the morning to release those buds from their imprisoned web. Skybuds feels your pain, and they want to remedy that issue once and for all with their truly wireless earbuds.

“The inspiration came from wanting to free ourselves from wires, forever,” said Jamie Roberts Seltzer, CEO and co-founder of Skybuds, in an interview with The Toggle. “Nothing is worse than the feeling of having your headphones yanked from your ears while running at the gym. We explored the existing ‘wireless’ solutions and weren’t happy because many problems still existed. We believed that truly wireless earbuds were the next logical progression for headphones.”

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Skybuds kept running into two issues they felt hindered the development of truly revolutionary wireless earbuds: where to store them and how to keep them charged. Then, inspiration struck. Skybuds set out to design a smartphone case that could not only store and house those earbuds when they weren’t in use, but charge them as well. Whenever one charges their phone equipped with the Skybuds case, the phone, buds and case all charge simultaneously. It’s easy, convenient and handy – something other wireless earbuds simply can’t tout. And with a built in microphone that can take calls, Skybuds are truly the only headphones you need.

As for the design, Skybuds are a sleek looking pair of buds to rock. “We wanted Skybuds to be forward looking in aesthetic, but not feel so futuristic that it would feel foreign,” Seltzer said. With both earbuds and a case to design, Skybuds had their work cut out for them. Yet both products play well off each other, with the earbud orientation in the case housed at the base of the phone and a structure that both protected and made access to the buds simple. “A tapered design, unique among phone cases, allows for the phone to lie naturally flat on a table while still providing a thicker portion at one end for the earbuds. We also feel that there is a subtle beauty to the tapered design that’s not really present in the smartphone case market today.”

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Then came time to craft the buds. “The earbud design was the most critical and difficult aspect of the design process. Our design parameters did not afford us the same luxuries as other truly wireless earbuds – namely the freedom to use a large but flat design that’s ergonomically shaped to fit the concha bowl [inside the ear].” Instead, Skybuds settled on a rocket shaped design that maintained many ergonomic benefits by adding just the right amount of curvature and length to create a comfortable, snug contact radius with the concha. The buds come equipped with a quick-action control button on the top back, allowing for easy playing and pausing. With top of the line armature speakers, noise cancellation tech and psychoacoustic algorithms that form a richer sound with robust base, Skybuds are also a dream come true for snobby audiophiles as well.

With the design, production and functionality all squared away, Skybuds is looking to drum up buzz for their product with a Kickstarter campaign. “Right now, we’re really focused on getting the first version of Skybuds out to our fans. We believe the simplicity and convenience of the all-in-one Skybuds package will be attractive for those who wouldn’t typically explore a premium headphone option.”

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That package includes the Skybuds earbuds, phone case, a micro USB cable, a product manual, interchangeable silicone tips and the Skybuds app that syncs with the earbuds allowing for Bluetooth compatibility, tracks charging time for the buds and can even help you find them should they get misplaced. And yes, Skybuds cases come in three sleek colors: nimbus gray, horizon gold and deep space black.

“We’re eager to see the response our Kickstarter campaign continues to generate from interested fans. Internally, we’re very focused on making the product the best it can be before it ships next May. Right now, we’re refining everything from the material choices to the audio technology to get it ready for production on time.” Prepare for Skybuds to untangle your world and sing a sweet melody to your eardrums with its cutting edge, wireless audio technology.

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