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The always-connected lifestyle is the new norm for the modern era. In order to take advantage of all the digital amenities around you, while staying conveniently safe, you need the SafeBand.


The smart device packs a long list of security features that are easily accessible through one’s wrist. Using SafeTags, a small keychain accessory, you can set the band to track and trigger basic functions. For example, attaching the tag on your smartphone ensures you always know where it is at all times. If you walk to your car without your mobile device, the bracelet will remind you that you’re missing something. To replicate the same type of security for other valuables, simply fasten the square tab on the particular item.

SafeTag on bag

The tag also includes a built-in accelerometer, notification buzzer and push button. You could set the button to perform a list of basic actions, from triggering your smartphone camera to toggling the internal flashlight. To turn the piece into an emergency tool, you may set the pre-programmed action to send my place or outgoing call. In case you don’t have access to the tag, there is also a functional button on the bracelet.

High-level Authentication and Smart Lock

Removing the smart wearable will automatically deactivate the device, requiring you to log in again to regain control of your personal settings. Using multi-step authentication processes, the wearer can choose from several verification methods to activate the tool. Such options include PIN, password and eye-print scanning through the official smartphone app (compatible with iOS, Android and Windows).

SafeBand app

Smart Lock keeps your digital devices secure when you’re not around. Walking away from your computer will cause the screen to lock. To access the unit, you’ll need to enter a password. The same protocol can be applied to your smartphone. Ideally, such features are useful around the office or in public places, such as coffee shops and convention halls. Communication between all of the devices at work (smartphone, computer, bracelet and tags) use encrypted Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

Designed for Practical, Everyday Living

Unlike other wearables that always have to be charged at the end of the day (sometimes twice a day during heavy usage, which defeats the whole purpose of wireless technology), the SafeBand stays active for 14 days on a single charge. For sporty individuals, the device is equipped with waterproof capabilities up to 10m. This allows adults to exercise with the gadget and children to play outdoors, while the tracker quietly gathers data in real-time. The smart band is also encased in stainless steel to minimize shock and corrosion.

SafeBand panel

Pricing and Delivery Information

Individuals interested in the smart device can place an order on the company’s Indiegogo page. The funding campaign is currently ongoing for 30 days with a target of $35,000. Through the early bird deal, you can get one SafeBand for $69 (originally priced at $119). If you’re planning on buying for everyone at home, it might be worth checking out the family package. The $1,149 option includes 10 SafeBands, 10 Leather Wristbands, 10 Charging Cables and 30 SafeTags.

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