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San Leandro is gearing up for the future. To ensure that local residents have consistent Internet access around the city, new infrastructure was deployed to facilitate free outdoor Wi-Fi services.

This was the first of its kind for the thriving community.

“The proliferation of Wi-Fi on all kinds of new smart mobile phones, tablets, sensors and Internet of Things devices is driving incredible new demands for faster and higher capacity Wi-Fi networks across this country and around the world,” said Dan Rabinovitsj, Chief Operating Officer at Ruckus Wireless.

“In today’s connected world, access to the Internet should be considered an essential service, like water or electricity; and just like water and electricity, it should be available to everyone – regardless of circumstance.”


SL Wi-Fiber

San Leandro’s massive public Internet project is a symbol of the city’s productive future as a modern technology hub. To welcome the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard public network, also known as “SL Wi-Fiber,” locals gathered at the Farmers’ Market on July 29, 2015. Mayor Pauline Cutter, along with members from the City Council, spoke about the offering during the ceremony. The event also helped rally support for the officials’ efforts.

“In partnership with Ruckus and SmartWAVE, San Leandro has now delivered a world-class public Wi-Fi service that offers some of the fastest speeds available anywhere within the Bay Area, and we’ve made it available to the community,” highlighted Mayor Cutter.

The city’s unified decision to pursue the free gigabyte capable service received positive feedback from several organizations such as the San Leandro Improvement Association, a local non-profit community of well-established professionals, property owners and businesses.

San Leandro Coverage Areas

The four-block radius encompasses all of Pelton Plaza and surrounding properties, The Village, Parrott Street (including the Farmers’ Market), and parts of Juana Avenue and East 14th Street. In the near future, the city plans to slowly expand the coverage to Marina Community Center on Wicks Boulevard.

Officials made sure the gateways that push the signals out to access points fit in seamlessly with existing buildings and structures. One of the wireless gateways can be found on top of the famous Pelton Plaza sign. The small unit was concealed using paint and will probably go unnoticed by residents. Companies within the network’s coverage area will receive an official decal, a sign that individuals can use the robust service to engage local businesses and tend to nearby commitments.

Other cities using similar Ruckus-powered infrastructure include San Jose, San Francisco, Mountain View, Hayward, Redwood City, San Mateo and Belmont, CA.


A Step in the Right Direction

“With the San Leandro Tech Campus coming to the city, this technological advancement is just the beginning for San Leandro—it’s the start to the successful path we are on to adapting and implementing changes to support our area’s biggest industry,” explained San Leandro Improvement Association’s president, Gordon Galvan.

“Providing this resource for the people of San Leandro will create accessibility and hopefully encourage them to sit outside local businesses in downtown and utilize this service.”

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