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Want a ride that will let you cruise in futuristic style while tracking your fitness? Then you’re going to go gaga over the spokeless Cyclotron fitness bicycle. Created using hubless carbon and completely doing away with the spokes in favor of LED lights in the wheels that give the Cyclotron a truly Tron-esque aesthetic, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more modernized, cooler looking bike to hop onto. As if the sleek, utopian look of the bike wasn’t enough to get futurists foaming at the mouth, Cyclotron is also a smart bike that can track a rider’s fitness. That’s right – the bike of the future is officially a reality, and you’ll never cycle the same way again.

To strike the right cord between appearance and functionality, Cyclotron employs polymer airless tires that allow the bike to ditch the metal spokes typically between the tires in order to free up that space for storage purposes. Cyclotron owners can purchase accessories such as a snap-in child’s seat and a shopping basket that will nestle neatly in the empty space of the tires where the spokes would normally be. At night, Cyclotron will sense the lack of light and automatically activate the laser-lane display LED halo lights in the wheels. Powered by a lithium-ion battery that lasts for eight hours and is charged either through a wall socket or inbuilt dynamo, these lights not only make Cyclotron look badass, but also act as a safety feature to make you easier to see at night.

All of these goodies can be controlled using the Cyclo app that syncs with the bike thanks to 10 Bluetooth sensors built into it. The app will also monitor your riding habits to help you shift gears. Additionally, the app boasts a wealth of fitness data and metrics, including speed, distance and time traveled, calories burned and cadence. This data can then be aggregated in order to create a cycling training program through a feature in the app called “Cycle Coach” in order for riders to get the maximum burn out of their ride. Those interested in Cyclotron should head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge under one of several tiers in order to get their hands on the bike by early summer 2017.

To make the most out of your cycling experience, try out some wearables that are great for tracking your biking activity such as the Striiv Fusion Bio or the Mio Alpha 2!

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