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Prepare for Revl Arc to ascend to household name status next to Sony and GoPro when it comes to quality action cameras – this 4K smart camera is the first action cam of its kind to come equipped with built-in stabilization, giving it quite the leg up on its competition. The back of the Revl Arc has a motorized gimbal that employs magnets to achieve an immediate stabilization effect. Whether you’re running, skydiving, surfing, snowboarding, shredding some pavement or just being extreme, the Revl Arc will capture all of the incredible action with stunning smoothness.

Equipped with multiple sensors that provide an electronic stabilization system, the Revl Arc will produce images that are so crisp and clear that it might cause even the best GoPro to shed a tear. On top of that game-changing stabilization feature, the camera boasts a 12MP Sony image sensor that allows action photogs to capture 4K footage at 30fps for 90 minutes on a full charge. Water and drop proof from up to 10 feet without an external case, the Revl Arc is also fairly sturdy an durable, perfect for withstanding any extreme conditions and action cam is destined to find itself in.

Sensor data allows for some editing touches to be performed on the fly, while an accompanying app will allow for instant sharing of photos and videos through social media. There’s even sensory AI that will identify the most exciting moments within the footage you’ve captured and edit that into a shareable video instantaneously. Expected to ship in December with a retail price of $500, the Revl Arc has already exceeded its Indiegogo funding goal double fold and has garnered additional funding from startup incubator Y Combinator. Pledges can get one for a little under $400, so investing early is a wise idea for all you thrill seekers out there.

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