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We make plans, we set objectives: from being active to living more sustainably, eating healthier to being more productive. We’re continually on the hunt for easier and more efficient ways to be better. And yet, whether it’s due to lack of time or motivation – it seems nearly impossible to stick to health goals. Luckily, we can now rely on technology to do some of the heavy lifting. Here are a couple of wearables that will help you become more informed, conscientious, healthy and even more stylish.

Swarovski Shine

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 4.45.10 PM

At first glance, the Swarovski Shine is a bold, glamorous bracelet, and its sparkle-studded straps and large center-piece crystal hardly shout subtlety. One could easily write it off as another glitzy piece of jewelry. In this case, beauty isn’t only skin-deep. The Swarovski Shine is actually a highly sophisticated fitness tracker with a host of remarkably useful features. Combined with the Swarovski smartphone app, the Shine has a handy range of uses:

  • Calorie tracker – measures calories burned during exercise
  • Pedometer – counts your steps & distance travelled accurately
  • Sleep monitor – tracks the length and quality of your sleep
  • Water resistance – up to 50 meters
  • Clock – the center-piece crystal subtly displays the time without numbers/dials
  • Solar-powered battery – the violet edition of the Swarovski Shine can be charged in a mere 15 minutes by solar or artificial light

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the Swarovski Shine is a girl’s favorite personal trainer. The tech accessory is the result of collaborative efforts between luxury crystal producers Swarovski, and tech innovators, Misfit Wearables. Commenting on the Shine, Joan Ng, senior vice president of Swarovski, said:

Observing the high tech market, we felt the opportunity to inject an aesthetic added-value that would turn useful products into on-trend accessories.

The Shine fills a much needed gap for women in both the fashion and tech wearable world. It’s an aesthetic accessory and multi-purpose, eco-friendly lifestyle wearable, and that combination has the ability to revolutionize our perception of fashion and technology as separate forces in our lives. The Swarovski Shine is set for release in early April, and can be pre-ordered directly from Misfit, or purchased in-store from Swarovski.

Muse Headband


Muse and brain-sensing will change the world similar to the degree to which the wheel, the telegram, the car, the airplane have impacted our lives.Source

Bold claims, bold claims indeed. How many times do we have to be told that meditation is vital to our health before we actually start practicing it? Too many times. At least, in my case. Bar the $300 price tag, the Muse Headband leaves you with no excuses.

The handy device monitors your brain activity via electroencephalography (don’t even try to pronounce that). It’s able to detect if you’re relaxed or stressed via multiple, sophisticated sensors as it rests on your forehead, looking like a device straight from Star Trek.

The headband inputs this information into its ‘Calm’ app, which displays a beach scene. If you’re stressed, winds howl and seas churn. When relaxed, you’re rewarded with sunny tranquility. The Muse Headband brings much needed discipline to meditative practices, especially in our hectic, distraction-filled lives.

It’s essentially a personal trainer for your brain, designed to ‘strengthen the muscle of attention over time’, leading to greater focus, productivity, and happiness. And, apparently, it works:

Despite the chaos in my life, there was no doubt that this little device had made me a calmer person in just two weeks. I could play through the mental and physical pain with twice the composure as just fifteen days before.” –Shane Snow, tech/lifestyle writer and Muse Headband user

These technologies are brand spanking new, and are inevitably a little rough around the edges in one way or another. However, the ingenuity that both the Swarovski Shine and Muse Headband display in merging technology with practicality is truly mind-blowing, and reminds you both how far we’ve come, and the potential for such technology over the next few decades.

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