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Ah, stock photos. Where would online journalists and bloggers be without these low to middle quality, public domain images? Well, in jail, most likely. Without having to worry about pesky copyright infringement lawsuits, stock photos are a bountiful creative commons available for the taking.

Knowing that us non-photographers are at the mercy and whim of stock photos, a lot of times, many of these available images are head scratching to say the least. A popular Buzzfeed post highlighted 60 completely unusable stock photos in the great treasure box that is the Internet. Upon first glance, most of these photos range from the mildly absurd to the outright WTF bizarre. All due respect to Buzzfeed, but upon a meticulously closer inspection, and with a Mr. Fantastic-esque stretch of the imagination, some of the photos are actually quite usable in the right circumstances. Before you write off some of these images into the graveyard of Internet irrelevance, here are some suggestions on how to make use of the unusable.

It’s never too late to chase your dreams, or slowly roll after them.

A perfect image in defiance of societal gender norms. A man can be and want to feel like a princess too, dammit!

Love comes in all shapes, forms, textures and sizes.

A true representation of bipartisan politics.

You are what you eat.

A makeshift poster for “Mona Lisa Smile”

The girl from the “Ring” tries to acclimate into regular society.

A behind-the-scenes look at the weirdest sorority rush practices.

How to make the most potent edibles ever.

How to lose a girlfriend in 10 seconds.

Who runs your house: you or your pet?

A hard-hitting piece on the size of the carbon footprint you’re leaving behind.

A cute, safe for work article on the dangers of workplace sexual harassment.

How our debilitating dependence on and addiction to sugar has imprisoned us.

The promotional image for a brand new anti-depressant.

An article detailing the latest brain food fads.

A promotional still for a guest appearance by Reba McEntire on “The Walking Dead”

An image from a GQ quiz asking what straight-blooded American men are more thirsty for: breakfast or women.

Another scathing critique of obesity in America highlighting the dangers of trans fats, especially in the eating habits of our children.

Girls just wanna have fuh-uhn, oh girls just wanna have fuuuuuuun!


Special thanks to Buzzfeed for inspiring this piece!

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