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For many would be travelers and adventurers, the prospect of seeing the world and immersing oneself amongst other cultures and lifestyles is stymied by those boring everyday responsibilities and tasks, namely work, and the money and time commitment traveling requires. But with technology connecting us to each other more so than ever outside of the physical, person to person realm and the rise of the freelance economy granting individuals the ability to work beyond the traditional constraints of an in-office, 9-to-5 job, a bold startup looks to capitalize on the telecommuting age in order to help people see the world.

Remote Year is a program designed to gather and connect a group of unique, interesting people together from all walks of life to travel abroad for a year while working remotely. The inaugural trip kicked off this past June, which narrowed down a whopping 25,000 applicants to a plush group of 75 that will spend the next year working remotely and traveling the globe together.

Each month, the group will explore a brand new city, with the goal being that this community of professionals will network and connect with global business cultures on a local scale in hopes of forming lifelong professional and personal relationships. The 2015 itinerary includes four stops each in Europe, Asia and South America, and eschews the landmark cities one might think of for each of those continents in favor of more niche locations, such as Cavtat, Croatia, Hanoi, Vietnam and Mendoza, Argentina.

Part of the appeal of Remote Year is that while it’s fairly easy in today’s economy to find remote work, most people don’t want to travel alone necessarily. Gathering a group of like-minded people together who want to travel and see the world is a way around that concern, sticking people together with a sizeable group that will share the same experiences for the yearlong trek. The company handles all the nitty-gritty aspects of traveling, such as lodging, itineraries, a designated work space and local activities in each destination, taking a cut of each person’s paycheck (a $2,000 fee at the first of each month during the program) to cover travel costs. Depending on travel expenses, Remote Year will pocket a portion of that cut as well.

If those selected don’t already have a job that allows them to work remotely, Remote Year will help connect them with companies that have remote work policies in order to ensure every participant scores a remote job in virtually in field at their experience level. You can check out Remote Year’s website and follow along with the galavanting globetrotters of this year’s inaugural group, and apply for the next round of the program which kicks off in February 2016 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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