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Odds are, you spend a good chunk of time everyday with your eyes firmly glued to some sort of screen. Hell, if you’re reading this right now, you’re looking at a screen. All those hours of screen exposure can cause some serious strain on your eyes, leading to pain, discomfort, blurred vision, headaches and other ailments. But what’s one to do when we’re living in a screen filled world? In-Trust has created what else, a wearable, to help soothe and relieve the symptoms of screen fatigue so that we can continue functioning in our technology-inundated world.

A Taiwanese tech company dedicated to developing lifestyle and relaxation products, In-Trust took to the CES showroom floor this year to unveil Aurai, the world’s first water-propelled eye massager. Built with warm and cool compress functions, Aurai can help alleviate dry or irritated eyes, blurry vision, headaches and even neck and back pain that comes from staring at a screen for significant periods of time. Aurai is part of the company’s rebranding into a company hoping to create products at the intersection of life and health.

Understanding that the average dweller in our modern, technological time period is susceptible to strain and fatigue caused by the overexposure and stimulation of screens, In-Trust is finally unveiling the Aurai to the public this February via a Kickstarter campaign for a starting price of $119. The wearable has already received acclaim, including the 2015 Good Design Award.

Aurai wearable

According to the company, around a third of adults spend more than nine hours a day in front of a screen and using a digital device, while 70 percent of millennials report having symptoms of digital eye strain. Clearly, In-Trust has tapped into quite a market that they hope the Aurai will serve and help. The Aurai is a portable and convenient wearable built with a rechargeable battery that utilizes liquid transmission technology that regulates water temperature in order to deliver a soothing and relieving eye massage. Automatic controls enable users to adjust temperature and vibration settings with ease that In-Trust claims will help reduce dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness and alleviate sleeping disorders.

“With the exponentially growing use of digital screens in our everyday lives, eye care is increasingly more important,” said Eric Chu, co-founder of Aurai. “Aurai provides an easy and convenient means of relaxation and rejuvenation to help ease the strain on our eyes.” All it takes is placing the silicone, hypoallergenic faces mask over your head that is designed for comfort and a fit that accommodates every curvature of one’s face, and a press of a few buttons, to start blissfully massaging away your eye strain with the sweet relief of a water massage. For anyone who finds they spend almost as much time looking at a screen as they do the outside world, Aurai may be just what the doctor ordered.

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